A Famous Witchdoctor is saved!

Dukamayele was a famous witchdoctor at Kajembe in the Euthini area. His name, Dukamayele, means the one who knows more and does more than a magician and witchcraft. He had demons which were helping him to do more than witches and wizards. Witchdoctors believe that they can foretell the future, and they use herbs/charms when assisting their clients. They usually charge for the herbs and services. Dukamayele was earning a living through that. People who think they have been bewitched in the Euthini area could go to Dukamayele for help, especially those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and this being the case, his fame was growing.

As the DCI team went to Euthini and did the training, pastor Simeon Jere, who is the coach for the area, went to Kajembe where he trained Nyoni as the leader and helped him to start a Life Group. This Life Group is in the area where Dukamayele lives and has been doing his job as a witchdoctor.

By the grace of God, Dukamayele attended the Life Group and his life has been changed (the Malawians say this when one is saved, ed.) He promised to be part and parcel of the Life Group. Since hearing the testimony of Dukamayele, many people in the area are being saved and are going to the Life Group. This has been an encouragement not only for the Kajembe people but also for people from far distances because Dukamayele was a man of influence not only in Kajembe but also in far places.


George writes:

When the DCI team challenged the leaders of Kapando with the Explosive Growth, Dynamic Basics, The Exchanged Life, and Leaders’ Teachings, change and growth began with the leaders themselves after understanding that “They have to be in order to do” and after understanding the principals of growth through one to one discipling and Leaders’ Trainings.

This made these leaders to train some more leaders and many Christians actively discipling one to one and placing the new disciples in Life Groups which are also helping them to grow in their faith in the Lord.

This being the case, the area of Kapando has been greatly affected with the gospel. People who used to beat people in the area, to drink, to be witchdoctors, to steal and the people who were being used by the Devil in different areas are now saved and are serving the living God. Sins which they used to do they do them no more because Jesus has changed their lives.

New testaments Bibles, Dynamic Basic Booklets, the Explosive Growth pamphlets and Leaders Training Manuals are great tools which are being used by these people for the Exploding of the work and are making a great impact in peoples lives. Leaders have also benefited a lot from Tumbuka old and New testament bibles as well as English Study Bibles which are also helping them a lot to understand the bible.

Soon or later the whole area will be affected with the gospel.

Andrew reports:



The trip to Kapando was successful, when going to this place we used Kafukule road since it is the road that is in a better shape than Mpherembe road. We used Nissan and we travelled well to and from, and upon our arrival we were welcome at the house of Austin Nyangulu who gave us a good hospitality. We used our camping mattress and we slept well up to the next day. The trainings started well and the leaders were happy with the trainings, and we were also very encouraged with what God is doing at this place.

As we were travelling to kapando we passed by a certain place with a very beautiful scenery, this was a marsh like and such kind of a place are very scarce here especially the north part of Malawi. And this marsh seems to be in existence up to date because of the natural tress around, but once these tress can be carelessly cutted off then this will be just a history. (Attached photo)

Austin Nyangulu is a big farmer, he grows crops like maize, soya beans, groundnuts and beans, and he also raises chickens and guinea fowls for food. His house is located amongst his relatives in Kapando village, and some of his relatives are also good farmers who raise different livestock like goats and pigs for food and for selling.

Most of the farmers at this place are done with harvesting of their crops (harvest is in June. ed.). Most farmers are happy with their yields, but some are the victims of their own ignorance: poor planning and budgeting. Every Wednesday is a big market day at this trading center; different merchants from different places come with their items to sell. During this time of year these merchants are very eager, because farmers have just sold their crops and have cash in their pockets….

This is also the season were different activities are taking place in most villages e.g. wedding ceremonies, traditional dances and agricultural activities (shows). One thing that amazes most of the people is the Vimbuza dance, a traditional dance that is being conducted during this season only when a lot people are able to have enough food for their families; they are able to cook a lot food and eat.

It is also believed that this dance is being practiced with those people who are attacked with Vimbuza demons. During rainy season (in November – January, ed.) no one will come up with Vimbuza dance, because the people will be very busy cultivating in their farms. But once the dry season comes the demons will start manifesting through the dance. And this is evident and clearly shows that the devil is really there to steal from us.

We had a good interaction with the leaders from this place especially during lunch break, and the leaders were very free to express themselves on how the work of God is going on.


Joseph Ngala said: “In all 3 trips of trainings, I have benefited a lot and I’m not the same. During the first trainings I learnt about one to one discipleship and after implementing it I saw that it works and many people are accepting Christ into their lives. I have seen that God is really great, for we have a certain woman who used to brew local beer but by the time I approached her with the gospel through one to one she accepted Christ into her life and now she is living a new life in Christ and she is able to testify to others too”.

Titus Nyirenda said: “We are so blessed with the DCI teachings, for we used to know Christ but we had limited knowledge on how to interpret the word of God from the Bible. People are very happy with the gifts of the Bibles. We as leaders are so happy for these bibles too for they are prompting us to keep on working for God since the materials are readily available for us, and for us to keep quiet is hard, knowing that Bibles and discipleship materials are available and people are dying in their sin without Christ in the village. We shall not keep quiet but teach people about Christ.”

John Luhanga, “In the past I did not know how to pray but now I’m able to pray! With the help of the DCI teachings I’m seeing that my spiritual life now is growing. We have learnt a lot here and whatever we have been taught we are trying to pass on so that other people should benefit too.”

Hoover Chirwa said: “We are very grateful for these teachings that are transforming our area here in kapando. Life Groups are growing and multiplying and that makes our churches to grow also in numbers as well as in spiritual life. This empowers me to keep on training more leaders who will keep up the work of God.”

And another leader said that in the past I had no basic knowledge of Christianity. I was a born again after I learnt from Dynamic Basic booklet about being a new creation in Christ. Now I’m free from fear, I know how to pray and I know how to read and understand the word of God.