Malawi Update – October, 2020

Dear friends of Malawi,

Time seems to get away on us, especially as we have moved to Sarnia and are renovating the home we have purchased.  We have not been to Malawi for almost 2 years now and miss the face-to-face interaction with our Team.

Caleb and Mary (our newest member) recently had a baby boy, born Sunday, Sept. 27. They named him Providence. What a joy he has brought to that family! Mother and child are doing well. He was dedicated this past Sunday by Pastor Steven Chisale, of Holy Cross Church, where all 3 of our team members attend along with their families.

Travel News

The Team has spent their time travelling to do follow up work; visiting various remote areas where the training has been done to ensure that the original vision and mission statement is being maintained. Together we have been working on some teaching material on the topic of Giving. This came about because 2020 is the last year that the Gideons are able to provide us with New Testaments to give to individuals who want to be discipled.

We are so thankful for the partnership that we have enjoyed with them! We estimate that approximately 50,000 people have been discipled with these New Testaments. That’s the amazing way that multiplication works. Now, we are encouraging each person who has been discipled to consider how they can provide a New Testament so that the discipleship can keep multiplying. Of course, this is a lot to expect, especially from Malawians who have not had any experience in saving, much less understand the principle of giving that God lays out for us in the Scriptures. But it has been challenging, to us and to our indigenous team members. It has been well received so far in the places where the Team has been to teach it. We look forward to how God is going to use this; or perhaps He has other ideas of how we can purchase New Testaments. The one thing that gives us peace, is the knowledge that this is God’s work, and He will provide all our needs.

Life Group Multiplication

The reports we get continue to tell us of the multiplication of Life Groups, of people being saved, and the work spreading into other villages and towns. The growth is exponential! The map that we kept for a while has quickly shown us that we can’t keep up with the growth. But we have a Father who can! He knows where every Life Group is, He knows every Life Group Leader and every Coach all over Malawi and beyond. He knows every individual who has surrendered his/her heart to Him; they are, after all, His children!

Covid 19 in Malawi

COVID19 continues to cause some struggles in Malawi, just as it does here. However, the Team is travelling again; the car has been repaired and is on the road again. We are so thankful that the Team can travel in their own vehicle – enabling them to carry supplies with them and travel with some sort of comfort and good use of time. All things that we take for granted in the western world.

House Project

Caleb and Mary are very excited to be building their own little home. This little building will eventually be the “boys’ quarters” when their real home is built. But for now, this will suffice. Costs have gone up considerably even in Malawi. The picture that you see of their home has cost approximately $1000 this far. We estimate $4000 will help them get to the move-in state. Of course, construction is very different in Malawi. It’s a hot country, so no insulation, no heating, and usually no electricity. If anyone would like to help Caleb reach his goal, you can donate to that specific project through the DCI webpage, and indicate it is for Caleb’s construction. Both George and John now have good homes that they can live in worry-free. It would be wonderful if Caleb and Mary also can have a home of trustworthy construction. Caleb has been a great asset to the Team; we thank God for him and his family!

We want to take the time to thank all our donors for your prayers and your financial gifts. Thank you for being faithful to God in helping to supply the needs of the Discipleship work in Malawi! It is amazing what can be done with 3 men as they focus on reproducing themselves and seeing this multiplication take place. We don’t have a large budget, but without each one of you, we could not do what we do. The three men each receive their support from the donations that come in and their travel expenses are covered with this as well. May God bless you for your interest in the people of Malawi.

Some prayer items for you to pray for:

  • Every trained leader/coach to maintain the vision of 1 to 1 discipleship
  • The need for New Testaments
  • The teaching on Giving to be well received
  • For COVID19 to not hinder the continued growth of the discipleship
  • Safety in travel for the Team
  • Health of the Team and their families
  • Praise God for the new baby, Providence
  • Praise for the thousands that have been discipled
  • Praise for new Life Groups and even sister/daughter churches that have started up
  • Praise for the dedicated Team – John, George and Caleb

Hans and Elly Timmermans