Christmas Update

Dear Friends of DCI Malawi,

We want to wish you God’s blessings this Christmas Season. How amazing that the Creator of the universe sent His beloved Son to this earth to teach us about His Father, but ultimately to die on a cross to bring salvation to a lost world. As we ponder the work of God in Malawi, we marvel. So many souls have been saved through the one-on-one discipling of one believer discipling his family member or neighbour. We want to thank you too for your part in this miraculous work of God. As you prayed, contributed to the work, God worked using the DCI Team, John, George and Caleb as they trained and taught people about the Great God we serve and His Son, Jesus the Messiah. Eternity will tell the whole story.

This Christmas Season we have been trying to raise money for Bibles. Each disciple receives a New Testament when they finish the 4 Basic lessons (if available). We need so many more Bibles. Would you consider making a year-end contribution to help with this project? So far we have enough money to buy about 4,000 New Testaments, but many more are needed. Also Discipling materials need to be printed regularly.

  • You can e-transfer:
  • Use Canada Helps: This link
  • Send a cheque to the address of Dynamic Churches International at the bottom of this email.

Please read on about God’s Work in Chipita.

God bless you all as we remember the birth of our Saviour,

Hans and Elly

Chipita, Dec 1, 2022

I want to share with you a story that Honest Mwenisungu (pictured) shared with us in Chitipa (Chitipa is as far North as you can go in Malawi). Honest is the chairperson of the pastors fraternity in Chitipa. It was our first time meeting him and we were blessed to have him attend the training along with the other pastors. This pastor was discipled one-to-one by Stephen Siyami who is the DCI coach in Chitipa. Stephen trained and discipled him and now Honest has started Life Groups himself and is training Life Group leaders.

This is the story that pastor Honest shared with us.

One day two girls from his community passed greetings to him and his family at his house and he invited them to go through the Dynamic Basics lessons, which they accepted.

To the glory of GOD, after going through lesson one (all about salvation) and some other verses from other Dynamic Basics lessons, the two girls accepted the LORD JESUS as their Lord and Saviour. This brought joy to Honest and his family as well as to the two girls because they testified that they now felt the peace of the Lord in their hearts. One of these girls brought out a bottle of Tamec which she destroyed. (Tamec is a poisonous substance). She had just bought this bottle at the market and she was on her way home to kill herself because she had no hope for the future. Nothing was working out for her and on top of that she was very frustrated because her marriage had just broken apart.

Thank God the pastor invited her to the Word of God through the Dynamic Basics and she was saved not only from the second death and the eternal wrath of God, but also from suicide death that she was just about to commit. The next day these two girls came to the pastor’s house again to continue going through the Dynamic Basics, now not with sad faces and dwindling hearts, but with joy on their faces and cheerfulness in their hearts because of what Jesus has done for them.

Imagine if pastor Honest did not obey his call to disciple people in his community, these two lives may not have been saved.  We thank God for the discipleship work of one-to-one discipling that is done in Chitipa.

May we keep praying for Chitipa so that many lives should be saved.