Last Church pastor born from above!



A pastor is an influential person leading people to follow Gods way, but sometimes it becomes different with what we come across as we minister around the northern part of Malawi. Last week as we were going around the old life groups in the Mzimba area doing follow up visits, we met a certain pastor of a local church called Last Church of God who was praising the Lord because of DCI teachings that has enlightened him to know about salvation.

He said that after so many years leading the church as a pastor while he had no knowledge on how to share the word of God, and how to pray. But after he accepted Christ with the help of Foster Mlenga, he started discovering his shortfalls and through the discipleship he has learnt how to pray and how to share the word of God. And he said, “Now I know that you cannot share what you don’t have, but what you have that’s what you share, I know the reason why I did not know how to share the word of God, it’s because I was still a sinner and in me there was no Christ the life-giver. How can I give out the word of life to people while I don’t have the life giver in me? No wonder I was misleading people but now through the grace of God I am a saved person/pastor leading the flock of God to the right way.

Now I’m able to share the gospel with the people and now I am a real pastor, feeding the flock of God with good pasture. Our church is locally known as a church that entertains/compromises sin and usually we don’t teach the gospel, but just because I’m a born again Christian now the story of my church has changed because I am preaching the gospel to the people and this will help others to understand that the gospel is pure and it cannot be blocked by a church. Right in my church I’m teaching about salvation and many are coming to Christ and get saved.

I have my fellow pastors who belong to this church but they are not saved. I’m the right vessel to be used by God to preach to them about the salvation. And they will understand it better because we have been together for so long. Help me in prayer so that when I reach them with the gospel they should understand it quickly.

As I have known the truth through the DCI, I should assure you that I will not be quiet but will tell others about Christ, more especially starting with my church. DCI has preached to many souls, so I will not be quiet. Praise God that now I am a new person in Christ.

Andrew Makwakwa

DCI Team trainer