Thanksgiving – for Malawi Ministry

Dear friends,

The DCI Team wishes you God’s blessings this [Canadian] Thanksgiving. We have many reasons to be thankful. The many souls being saved in Malawi is one we praise God for! And we want to update you on our fundraising effort to buy more Bibles for Malawi. Would you consider this project as your opportunity to show your thankfulness and appreciation for what God is doing in Malawi?

Fundraising Progress

On the left is this month’s status. We praise God for the funds received to date! We are so thankful to those who are helping us reach our target for Bibles and printing. As you can see, the image on the left is the update! I also need to confess that I made a typo in how much we have coming in monthly. We receive $ 2,530.00 each month from our regular donors. But we do need $500.00 per month more to keep the work going. As you can see, the thermometers are rising, God is good!


The testimony on the left and below is just an instance of one man’s appreciation of the difference having a Bible makes in his life. It also makes it possible to pass on to others what he has found himself.

Pastor Hyson Nkhata, who is the DCI coach for Enukweni, after being trained by the DCI Team, passed on the teachings to Harrison Lupunga. Harrison comes from Phyolani Village. He is married to Merrina Gumbo and the Lord has blessed them with 4 children.

Before Harrison was saved, he was used to smoking, drinking and womanizing. He said that he is so thankful to God for saving him. He is now free and living a changed life. He was touched by the Dynamic Basic Booklet lessons, particularly by the 3 circles which explains 3 types of people: a person without Christ, a person with Christ but does not allow Christ to lead him, and a person with Christ and allows Christ to be on the chair meaning allowing Christ to lead him/her. He said that the Dynamic Basics Booklet has helped him a lot to understand who he is in Christ as well as his new life in Christ.

He told George that just as he has been discipled by Hyson Nkhata, he is also discipling others one on one. He is reaching many people and most of them give their lives to Christ and are now being discipled. He said that the DCI teachings helps people to know who they are in Christ.

He also mentioned the Bibles received from Share Word, which are great tools for discipling. They help both the discipler and the disciple. When they are given a Bible they are able to read it for themselves in their homes. This helps them to understand what they are being taught and they also learn and discover many things on their own. They are able to read for themselves in their various churches rather than just depending on their leaders. Many people do not have Bibles and they cannot afford to buy a Bible because they even struggle to feed their families. He was so thankful for the New Testament Bibles received from Share Word.

You can invest in these opportunities online from Canada and the U.S. through Dynamic Churches International’s Donate page. Or you can send a cheque / money order to our postal address. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Hans and Elly