A Famous Witchdoctor is saved!

Dukamayele was a famous witchdoctor at Kajembe in the Euthini area. His name, Dukamayele, means the one who knows more and does more than a magician and witchcraft. He had demons which were helping him to do more than witches and wizards. Witchdoctors believe that they can foretell the future, and they use herbs/charms when assisting their clients. They usually charge for the herbs and services. Dukamayele was earning a living through that. People who think they have been bewitched in the Euthini area could go to Dukamayele for help, especially those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and this being the case, his fame was growing.

As the DCI team went to Euthini and did the training, pastor Simeon Jere, who is the coach for the area, went to Kajembe where he trained Nyoni as the leader and helped him to start a Life Group. This Life Group is in the area where Dukamayele lives and has been doing his job as a witchdoctor.

By the grace of God, Dukamayele attended the Life Group and his life has been changed (the Malawians say this when one is saved, ed.) He promised to be part and parcel of the Life Group. Since hearing the testimony of Dukamayele, many people in the area are being saved and are going to the Life Group. This has been an encouragement not only for the Kajembe people but also for people from far distances because Dukamayele was a man of influence not only in Kajembe but also in far places.