Life Change: Four Malawi Women

Dear friends,


Below are four stories of how the DCI Malawi Team has impacted these ladies through the one-on-one discipling being taught. The Good News does make a difference and reading the Word of God is life changing!

We are planning a trip to the West to present the DCI work to our friends there. This is our tentative schedule:

  • Calgary, AB, Sept. 21
  • Three Hills, AB, Sept. 24
  • Grindrod Mission Weekend, Sept. 27-29
  • Marysville, BC, Oct. 1 or 2
  • Briercrest, SK, Oct. 4-5
  • Ormiston, SK, Oct. 6-7
  • Fly home from Regina Oct. 8.

Changes, no doubt will still happen as we are still in the planning stage, but please pray for these meetings as we prepare.


Hans and Elly Timmermans

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Annie Kishombe is one of the women who has been transformed through the Life Group. She said that the Life Group has not only helped her alone but has also helped her family. “I was blind because I did not know the truth, but through DCI, my eyes have been opened. I participate in the Titemwane (Love) Life Group, where I have learnt how to teach.

I now know the truth and I teach my children as well as other people. I am thankful for the Bible which I did not have but I have received it from ShareWord through DCI. I can read it on my own rather than just listen to my pastor and other leaders.”

Mary Kanyenda participates in the Chigomezgo (Hope) Life Group. She worships at the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Before she was saved, she trusted the witchdoctors and their charms. After accepting Christ in her life, she has been changed. She believes in God and encourages people to believe in God rather than witchdoctors and charms. She did not have a Bible but now she has a ShareWord New Testament. She enjoys reading it and learning many things from the word of God.

Masuzgo Simbeye participates in the Chipulikano Life Group. She is a well known business woman. Her mind was focused on business and most of the times, she would not go to church and if she did happen to go she would leave before the service ended, before the offering and the like. After giving her life to Christ her life changed. She is now a new creature. She is reaching other people for Christ and she goes to church now and she has become one of the leaders. She is the secretary of the church as well as a Life Group leader.

Mebie Nkhonde said that she did not have peace when she lost her husband. Unfortunately, the situation became worse when his son, who could help her as a widow, started drinking irresponsibly. After she was saved, her story changed.

She has found the real peace which is found only in Christ. She said and I quoted, “Jesus is now my husband. ” She participates in the Chitemwano (Love) Life Group and she is thankful for the New Testament Bible which she received from ShareWord Global, and is able to read and which encourages her, even if she is alone at her home.