January 2018 Training in Enukweni: 3 pastors saved!!


This report was sent by Andrew Makwakwa regarding the first training from 21-24/01/18 and edited by Hans.

We (John, George, Andrew, Hans and Elly) had a successful trip to Enukweni for the first leaders’ training.  We left on Sunday, using the Nissan X-trail. We took everything we needed including all books and bibles. We were welcomed at the house of Rev. Andrew Bipa of the Presbyterian Church.  We were supposed to stay at his, but soon after Hans and Elly left to go back to Mzuzu, we were told that the accommodation had been changed and we wound up sleeping in the church. Hans and Elly went to Lilongwe to pick up a friend from Kenya.

Some local men helped us to carry all the books and our bags to the church. We pitched our tent in a room. Then we went to the restaurant for our supper. We slept well till the next morning. There were a lot of mosquitoes but since we slept inside the tent then we had no problem. The next morning we had a bath and took breakfast, and then pastors from different denominations came to this church to begin our training.

We had a very good interaction with the leaders who came to attend the trainings. At first they had trouble catching on to the teaching and did not participate much. But we thank God that towards the end of the three sessions they were very free to interact and to participate as a result they began to catch the vision. We thank God that 3 pastors from local Traditional African Churches accepted Christ and they were happy to have found new life in Christ. Pastor Harfacs Gondwe of Chipangano Church said that the teachings were eye opening. He added that through these teachings he had come to understand what salvation is all about. This understanding caused him to receive Christ into my life.

As we continued interacting with them during the last day of training, pastor Harfacs said, “I feel like I’m being delayed to go out and testify what the Lord has done in my life.  I now realize I have been leading a church of the walking dead and now I am going to teach the living word to these people so that they get life too by the grace of our God”. Rev. Andrew Bipa of the Presbyterian Church mentioned he understood now that he had a church full of Christians, but not disciples.

The leaders gave thanks for the teaching we brought, it came at a time as they were making the plans to reach out and multiply their churches as a pastor’s fraternity of Enukweni.

Enukweni is located along the M1 highway.  The people here are exposed to all kinds of bad behavior due to the mobility of the people resulting in immorality and drunkenness. People spent their time drinking beer instead of going to work.  Men are found in pubs drinking in the morning hours instead of going to work on their farms. Many of the pastors said after the three days of training that through the one to one disciple making they can see that their community will soon be transformed .


Some more interesting details:

On the large Presbyterian Church property is also a primary school that belongs to this church.  The school is called Enukweni Primary School. There are 18 well trained teachers and 1378 school pupils, which means that every teacher is responsible for 76.5 pupils a day. This is a very unhealthy situation according to the standard of learning environment; the class size is too big by any standard.

The school does not have enough class rooms to accommodate all the pupils.  So the old church building is used as a classroom. The new Presbyterian Church that we used is a big church that was built with the help from their member of parliament Honorable Goodall Gondwe. The community of Enukweni is very happy for the help that this man gives them as their MP. He has also helped with the building of the market place and the stadium. He also initiated the clean water project that supplies water to the community from the surrounding mountains. This water is treated before going to the community and everyone pays a small amount of money for the maintenances of this system.

Enukweni is a small trading centre located along M1 road from Karonga. This trading centre population is a mixture of various tribes who have migrated from different areas in Malawi. Some people are from Burundi and most of these Burundis are business men. Other tribes in this area are Tumbuka, Ngoni, Chewa, and Yao from southern region of Malawi. Most of the people are small scale farmers who grow crops like maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, ground (pea)nuts and bananas. Most of them use fertilizers on their crops, especially on maize. They also have different types of livestock: cattle, goats, sheep, chickens and pigs. Most of the livestock is used for food, but sometimes they sell some to pay for school fees for their children and to buy fertilizer for their crops in their gardens.








Uliwa and Chitimba Follow-up Training well received!


These two places are the first where the DCI Team went to a group of leaders to see how they were trained by their leader. We discovered we need to do this more often.


In both places we had a successful mission. Because we were covering both places at once we agreed as a team, to have Sunday as our travelling day so that we could start the trainings on Monday, early in the morning. Since we were to start the trainings at Uliwa, we went straight to Uliwa trading centre,   passing   by Chitimba. After finishing the trainings at Uliwa we went to Chitimba.


When we arrived in Uliwa we first spent some time searching for a good rest house that would be convenient for us as well as  provide safety of our vehicle. Unfortunately  we discovered that all the good rest houses were already occupied and we found one that was not in a good condition and without a fence. Therefore the vehicle was packed beside Andrew’s window so that he could at least watch over it during the night.

George did not sleep because all night, because he had small ants in his room that were all over the bed and were biting him. Karonga district is hot and humid and due to that a has lot of insects: small ants, scorpions and mosquitoes etc. are present. That’s why in this place we had a lot of small ants that gave a sleepless night to George.

IMG_20171030_144307The next morning before the trainings began, we went to the previous rest house that we used last time when we visited Uliwa LG, and we found some people had checked out, and we managed to get some good rooms. This place was good, there was a fence, good rooms that are treated to keep the ants away and the rooms also had mosquito nets that helped us sleep well without having mosquito bites. The fence itself gave us enough security, especially for our Nissan, and this helped us to sleep with peace of mind knowing that our Nissan is safe outside.

That morning we met with the leaders at the same venue (Christian Love Church) where we met with the leaders last time you (Hans and Elly) came. All the leaders were happy that we were there for the trainings. Some of the leaders who came we knew from a previous visit and some were new to us. As we began talking with them we noticed that these leaders had not been taught from the Dynamic Basics booklet. So, we started training them and they were happy with the lessons and appreciated them very much: for they discovered things they had never heard before. They were so interested and attentive, and told us that the teachings were eye opening to them, even though they had been leaders for a long time. We were surprised that the church where the trainings were conducted charged us 2500 MK per day for water.


When we arrived at Chitimba the leaders were waiting for us, and they welcomed us happily. The trainings started well, and they enjoyed it. The venue of our trainings was at Christian Love Church (this is a branch of Uliwa Christian Love Church). The church is not build with bricks, but is built with grass and thatched with the same grass. Chitumba is a typical Malawian village compared with Uliwa (which is more developed). We discovered that the leaders were also not trained in the Dynamic Basics booklet, they were only introduced to it and they were doing the lessons on their own from lesson one up to lesson 4. Now upon seeing this we did teach them through all the 4 lessons. We trained them through all 4 lessons, so they should catch the principle of one to one and how discipling one to one is done, and how to share the Good News one to one with others, using the DB.


They were happy to discover many things on discipleship and they said that these things are very important for the effectiveness of the one to one discipleship, of which in the past they had no knowledge on how to effectively reach out.

The leaders told us: “Now we have begun to fully understand what disciple making is all about. The teachings that the DCI team brought us are of great value. These teachings are not known in our churches. We expect to see a great change in our communities, because we are going to implement all what you have taught us here this week.”

Every Thursday they do have the main market at this place Chitimba, many of the merchants comes from Mzuzu and some are from the surrounding area. Both Chitimba and Uliwa are located along the lake Malawi, due to that most of the people are fishermen and few are farmers. Because of this, in most places they have not started clearing their land for cultivation.

Though Chitimba trading centre is  located along the lake, people are experiencing a challenge to get clean water. Brown Mnthali, one of the leaders said that this whole area has no piped water. Those who are close to the lake usually use the water directly from the lake for washing , drinking , bathing etc. Those people who are a bit farther from the lake fetch water from the bore holes, which are not commonly available and as a result the bore holes becomes polluted quickly. This brings a big challenge, causing people to walk long distances to fetch water, sometimes almost 2 km with a pail on their heads. Some use a bicycle if they have one. They usually go to the lake with their bike, because they have no any other option.


2017 Mzimba follow up, amazing stories!




The trip to Mzimba was successful. It was a long trip and we visited a number of places where there are some old Life Groups (“old” as in having been established two years ago). The main purpose of this trip was to hear the testimonies on what the Lord has done, encourage the Life Group leaders and introduce the Life Study booklet. We were very encouraged to hear what the Lord is doing in people’s lives and in the different Life Groups.

People gave so many testimonies and they were very happy to have the DCI team visit their places after a long time without seeing each other. As we were travelling from Mzimba Boma to Matopoto we saw many public transport (pick up trucks and mini buses) carrying bags of maize and people. As they were approaching Mzimba they stopped and let some people off because they exceeded the capacity of the vehicle. This was done because they knew that they are approaching the traffic police checkpoint. So the people they let off the vehicle would walk a distance of about 2km past the traffic police checkpoint and then they would board again to continue their journey to the Boma (Mzimba shopping area). Most of the people around this area are good farmers. They grow crops like maize, cassava, beans, groundnuts (peanuts) and millet. They are also good at taming live stocks like cattle, goat, sheep and pigs. Every week there is a cattle market where farmers bring their cattle to the market for buying and selling.


At this place we found the leaders and members waiting for us, they were happy to see us. We introduced the Life Study booklet to them. One of the leaders said that the work is going well only that most of the people have been so busy with their farms. Now some people are done with their farm work and are able to meet as a Life Group. They added to say that though they are meeting as a Life Group attendance is not very encouraging. Some of the members are not committed to the work of God, mainly one to one discipleship. In spite of this, we as leaders are not getting discouraged because we know that this is God’s work and God himself is the one sustaining it through our prayers.


Our visit to Chikapo was a reminder to the members of the Life Group of the good times when Hans and Elly visited Chikapo. They shared with us some memories of the good time we had together with you Hans and Elly. One of the members of the Life Group said that Hans and Elly are very humble people because they would eat with us during meal times, and he added by saying that may God continue blessing them.

People expressed their happiness on the gifts of the Bibles that have greatly helped them to grow in their spiritual lives. Though Chikapo village is in a Catholic community, we thank God that many are responding to the gospel and one to one has greatly helped the people in the area. And another member said that one to one has also grounded us in the Lord because now we are able to have the knowledge on what to do and how to do things according to the will of God. And we truly know that salvation is by the grace of God, not by works.

Edith Mbeye said that, Life Group has helped her a lot, for in the past she had a limited knowledge of the things of God but now, through the teachings of DCI, she is able to teach her friends/others about the goodness of Christ our saviour. Through this knowledge, she is now able to live a free life in Christ, free from fear and grudges. “My freedom in Christ as a leader has helped me to reach out to many people through one to one and this has enabled us to have our Life Group growing and multiplying, we love one another”.

Here many youths are being discipled and placed in the Life Group, and these young people are zealous to reach out more and more. This has helped us too to have our Life Group in Chikapo multiplying into 3. We really thank God for this. Very soon another Life Group will be multiplied again.

Another member of the Life Group said, “My husband is a drunkard, but through the Life Group I’m still having faith that one day he will be set free. And through the Life Group I have learnt to keep on loving him a husband, which will make him see the love of God in me and that will make him draw near to Christ. And I’m urging you my brothers and sisters to keep on praying for him, and his name is Cryton Ngoma. Though my husband is a drunkard, I cannot stop worshiping the Lord for I know that God is able and one day my husband will know the truth by the grace of God”.


Berere is a Catholic community and a long time this Catholic community has been trying to interfere with the Christians in this area. And this has been a limiting factor for growth of the Life Group. The leader for Berere Life Group has been meeting so many challenges, from the church and from the community. Jabulani Jere, the leader until recently was moved from Berere LG to elsewhere. This brought so many challenges for the Life Group. Jabulani belongs to Presbyterian Church and he felt very free to worship the Lord and that encouraged many people to also be free in worshiping the Lord even in the Life Group. Jabulani was doing a great work and his transfer has caused a set back to the Life Group. The Life Group is in disarray right now and needs a new leader.

Upon reaching Berere we went to the house of Anna Phiri, an old woman who loves to worship God. She was so happy to see us because she was not expecting to see us at her house. She said that she likes to be gathering as a Life Group and her prayer each day is that people in Berere, including the leader, should ignore the problems and continue to gather again each week as a Life Group. Anna added by saying that to please continue praying for Berere LG for the revival of the people including the leader too. It seems like the leader is afraid of the Catholic community, which is threatening her by saying that she will be excommunicated from the church if she continues with the Life Group. Now this should be our daily prayer for Berere LG.


At Kalikumbi the work of God is going on well and many people appreciate the help the Life Groups that are in this area have given. After we introduced the Life Study booklet the leaders and the Life Group members were looking forward to the new insights from the word of God these studies would give them.

Petros Nkhata was the leader at first, but he went back to school in Blantyre. Paul Mvula replaced him as leader and this has caused some little hiccups to the Life Group because he is not seriously following the Lord these days. Because of this the Life Group gave the leadership to Nyembezi Theu. She is very commited and she is leading the Life group well.

People from this Life Group told us that they do have the zeal on the things of God and that they are reaching out. They have seen for themselves the importance of discipleship in people lives, starting from their own lives.

Nyembezi Theu testifies that her spiritual life has grown and that she is able to reach out to people. Many are accepting Christ through one to one discipleship. “I have seen in my life that a Christian who has been well discipled becomes a strong Christian in faith because he/she knows what to do and how to do since he has acquired the knowledge from the Bible, through discipleship”. She added, “The Zambia Life Group is still growing and discipleship is still continuing and many are testifying that DB Booklets and Bibles are very helpful to grow people’s spiritual lives. The DCI teachings have helped our area to know Christ and so afar we are having 3 life groups”.

Hancy Ngwayi said, “At first I had no New Testament Bible and due to that I had a limited knowledge on the things of God because I was not exposed to the word of God. But soon after being discipled and after I received a Bible I was able to begin reading and understanding the scriptures. In the Life Groups I learn how to read and understand the scriptures. I’m so thankful for the Life Groups that are greatly helping us here in Kalikumbi”.

Judith Mvula said, “In the past, though I was a born again, I was asleep in many things as a Christian. Now I have learnt a lot and the teachings are the eye opener to me. I have learnt a lot of things that are very good, even to my church. I did not know how to pray, but now am able to pray because of the word of God is within me. And Life Group becomes a training place for prayers as well as studying the scriptures. Many of us who attend the Life Groups have become great helps in our various churches. Also many begin attending the Life Group because they have seen something good in us”.


FosterThis is the place where we had Foster Mlenga as a leader and he got transferred to Kavinkhama, and was replaced as a leader by Flywell Mtonga, who is continuing the work. Upon our arrival we found the leaders from different Life Groups and members waiting for us. We were welcomed with joy and we were so encouraged with so many testimonies about what the Lord is doing.

Robson Chirwa, “Since we started gathering as a Life Group at Chizimbi we have been so helped in our area, and most of us are so happy for the knowledge that we have acquired from the Life Group. We are also giving thanks for the gift of the New Testament Bibles. The translation of its Tumbuka is very good. Through these Life Groups many of us have learnt to love one another and our spiritual lives are growing. This motivates others to come and worship with us and through that they are exposed to the gospel and accept Christ in their lives. Discipleship takes over instantly from there”.

Wyton Nyirenda, “Matandani Life Group has helped to transform our area through the good teachings that are found in the Life Group. Our leaders are very committed to teach us on how we can pass on what we have been taught. Many people are very interested with the DB booklets that gives them the basic knowledge of Christianity through one to one discipleship. And this has helped us also to live well with our various neighbours. We love them and help them and at the end they do testify that we are of Christ, and then they become interested to join the Life Group and are exposed to the gospel and then they accept Christ in their lives”.

Milliam Mtonga said, “The DCI teachings has contributed a lot to the building up of my family. In the past I had no knowledge of how to respond to my husband who is not a born again. But after being discipled I learnt that though my husband is unsaved, that through my conduct he will see God in me and accept Christ. So I started showing love to my husband by being polite and subject to him, and after some time he joined me in the evening prayers that I always have with my children. We prayed to together and the Exif_JPEG_420other day he insisted to be helped in order to accept Christ in his life. And so far the discipleship is in progress and he likes reading the Bible even if I’m not around. Lastly I just want to thank the DCI Team for introducing of the Life Groups to our area and for the Bibles that you are giving to us. The bibles are helping us a lot and our spiritual lives are growing now because we are able have the word of God available with us in our homes”.

Flywel Mtonga said, “Since the teachings that Hans and Elly taught us in the year 2015 my spiritual life has changed. It has helped me as a leader to live an exemplary life to the community. When people see my good example they are able to admit that God is really working in me and that draws them to God too by accepting Christ in their lives. That is another reason why more life groups are still being started here in Mtuzuzu, even though Foster Mlenga has been transferred. We thank God for He is still leading us to His own glory.



Exif_JPEG_420From Mtuzuzu we crossed a certain river that becomes very full with waters in the rainy seasons, but this time the water was not very high and that is why we managed to cross to the other side to Kanyenyezi. Upon arriving at Kanyenyezi we found the leaders and the members of different Life Groups waiting for us and we were welcomed with joy. The work of God at this place is moving on well and Life Groups are multiplying as leaders are being trained. The people were so happy to see us and we were very encouraged by what God is doing here.

Dygrace Chirwa said that the DB booklet has helped her a lot for now she is able to have a very good understanding of her faith in the Lord.

Blessings Kasalu said, “The LG has contributed a lot to the community, because most of the people now are able to understand the gospel and accept Christ in their lives. In the Life Group they are being encouraged to reach out to others through one to one, and this has enabled us to have a quick spread of Christianity. I thank God for the DCI teachings, which have taught us good strategies on how to reach out to people. This has helped us to reach out to people of different churches without being limited by denominational differences. The DCI teachings helped us even to have well trained leaders who belong to the Roman Catholic church, but by the grace of God, they are strong born again Christians”.

Mercy Shawa gave thanks for the gift of the NT Bibles that have helped her so much to know the word of God and helped her to live a free life, free from fear and disappointments.

Leonard Thole said that he has been so helped with NT Bibles and the DB Booklets that have greatly changed his family for the better. Now in my family there is peace, unity, love and harmony. This has been made possible through the discipleship that we received with my family. Now we are enjoying the love of God in our family.


Upon our arrival at this place we found people eagerly waiting for us, we found out that Foster Mlenga, the leader had moved from the first house that he used to stay in the year 2016. He was forced to move from the first house by the people in the area. This house belonged to the Presbyterian Church and some of the church elders of the Presbyterian Church, especially who are not born again Christians, were not happy seeing Foster living in this house. They were not happy to have Foster staying there because they were practicing witchcraft. So whenever Foster was praying: their operations were being distracted by the prayer that Foster was offering to God, and this caused them to become very angry with Foster. The Presbyterian pastor of this church was a born again Christian and he became friends with Foster. He would not allow Foster to move out from the premises and this annoyed the elders of this Presbyterian Church. One Sunday service the Presbyterian elders arranged to give an offering of a charm in an offering box. This threatened the pastor and he reported to his headquarters and he was moved instantly from Kavinkhama to another place called Chisengezi (inside the charm was a black powder stuff, 2 holed coins and human hairs and 2 animal horns). Foster upon seeing that his fellow pastor had been transferred, made a quick exit from the premises. He moved to a very lonely place with no houses around and that gave room for thieves to come and steal from the house while he and his family were at church on a Sunday. He moved again to the house where he lives now. This seems to be a safe place because it is along a road with some houses around. And now he lives in peace with his family.

We thank God that all these happenings have not affected the Life groups, but instead it has encouraged the people who were seeing what was happening, knowing that our God is powerful: the God who never fails us.

The Life Groups in Kavinkhama are going on well. More leaders are being trained and discipleship is taking place and more people are being discipled, including chiefs. We were encouraged with different testimonies.

Matias Phiri said that since we started our Life Group, our lives have changed and now we are able to pray without being ashamed or afraid, knowing that the one inside us is greater than the one outside.

Anastasia Zimba said, “I thank God for DCI because it has brought unity amongst different churches within our area; it has also helped me to be free in sharing the word of God without fear or being ashamed”.

Kondwani Zimbiri said that the Life group has helped me a lot in my spiritual life, I have been shaped well as a child of God and now I am going to the Bible school. I had no knowledge of being a real Christian but the Life Group has done great in my life, I have developed a zeal for serving the Lord, knowing that what the Lord has done in my life I have to share with others”.

Austin Soko GVH (the Group Village Headman) said that DCI has brought change in my area, for many people are saved, for I was the first person to be convinced and to accept Christ in my life. When Foster Mlenga brought me the gospel, I was convinced when I saw the life style and good behavior of Foster Mlenga and I knew that what he was teaching me is really true. And these teachings have helped me to lead people in the right way of the knowledge of God. And these Life Groups should continue because my area has been greatly transformed and disputes have been reduced”.


From Kavinkhama we pass by Champhira LG, and we thank God that the work is still continuing well, leaders are being trained and Life Groups are multiplying. Alfred who is the acting leader/coach said that the work is going on well and people from different villages shows more interest to the gospel. More people are inviting them to go and disciple them .

Alfred continued by saying that as we are reaching out to different people with the gospel, we have found one main challenge: most of these people we are reaching out to are slow learners, but we are praying and trusting God that they will catch the vision. Once they catch the vision we know that the load will be lightened for us, for they will also be able to pass on what they have learnt.

We also have a youth life group that meets in the evenings.

Margret, added upon what Alfred said, “We are taking the gospel to the villages where people are positively responding and this gives us hope that very soon more Life Groups will be available here in Champhira and that will require more Bibles for the discipleship”.

They were very happy that we came to visit them. They added by saying, “This has also encouraged us to see that we are not alone, for we thought that as we have completed the third trip of trainings, we thought the DCI Team would no longer come to see us. But the picture that the DCI Team has portrayed to us is exactly what we have been learning, that is relation building. Thank you so much for paying us a visit again”.

This is how we travelled on our Mzimba follow up trip


Ekwendeni Third Training, July 2017



We had a successful mission at Ekwendeni. We were warmly welcomed by the coach and all leaders and pastors of Ekwendeni who were also delighted to see us for the third time and they gave us superb hospitality.

We had a good time of training, and pastors were so eager to learn. We were so encouraged to hear from them that the work is growing explosively. They were so thankful for the Spiritual Gifts teachings, which helped them to know more about their spiritual gifts and understand each other better because of different colours of glasses they have worn (different gifts). They also learned a lot about leadership from the Apprentice Leaders Manual.


Ekwendeni Pastors.

Here are some comments from pastors and leaders;

Pastor Christone Mkamanga (Holy Cross Church):

He thanked the DCI team for all the three trainings done and for all the materials and the Share

Word New Testaments which are a great help to all pastors and leaders in discipling and leaders’ training. He said that many people are coming to the Lord through these teachings and to be given a New Testament and dynamic basic booklet is another great help for them to be reading for themselves what they learn from their disciplers.

Lightwell Nyirenda (Pentecostal Holiness Church):

He said that his church has been helped a lot with the one to one discipling and materials are also helping them a lot to reach more people. People are discovering the truth by reading for themselves from the New Testament bibles, which they receive for free and they could not manage to buy because they even struggle to find their own food. He also said that the DCI teachings and all materials given to them makes them not to stay idle but to go and make disciples.


Praying God’s blessing on the discipling 

Pastor Godfrey Ngwira (Jesus Alive Church):

Said that he was so thankful for the good eye-opening teachings which the DCI teambrought. He also said that he has learned how to reach out through one to one discipling and this has led to opening of many churches branches. Furthermore, he asked us to continue being in touch with them and supporting their ministry with teachings, advice, new testament bibles and DCI materials. He also said that in all the areas where he is ministering, people do not have bibles and books for them to be reading for their spiritual growth. He also said that although this is the last training but weaning them should not put a gap between us and them. He also said that God knows the great work that you are doing for him.

Pastor Samson Ng’oma (Gethseman Church):

Said that the DCI teaching makes the work of God easy to be done through one to one discipling, leaders’ trainings and Life Groups. He said that when we went there for the first training his church was just starting and was attended by his family alone, but now it has grown tremendously through one to one discipling, Life Groups and new testaments and all DCI materials. He also said that through these teachings and materials he has also opened a church branch and has established 4 Life Groups.

Pastor Yohani Nyirenda:

Said that bibles has been scarce amongst believers so discipling them and giving them New Testaments and Dynamic Basic Booklets is equipping them to reach out for Christ and being grounded in the word.

Pastor Blessings Chanza (River of Life Church):

He was so thankful to DCI ministry for the awesome work of teaching us to be productive in the Lord and to train more leaders who in turn will also train more leaders and many people will be reached with the Good News.

In the Lord’s Service,

George. For the entire DCI Team


A Famous Witchdoctor is saved!

Dukamayele was a famous witchdoctor at Kajembe in the Euthini area. His name, Dukamayele, means the one who knows more and does more than a magician and witchcraft. He had demons which were helping him to do more than witches and wizards. Witchdoctors believe that they can foretell the future, and they use herbs/charms when assisting their clients. They usually charge for the herbs and services. Dukamayele was earning a living through that. People who think they have been bewitched in the Euthini area could go to Dukamayele for help, especially those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and this being the case, his fame was growing.

As the DCI team went to Euthini and did the training, pastor Simeon Jere, who is the coach for the area, went to Kajembe where he trained Nyoni as the leader and helped him to start a Life Group. This Life Group is in the area where Dukamayele lives and has been doing his job as a witchdoctor.

By the grace of God, Dukamayele attended the Life Group and his life has been changed (the Malawians say this when one is saved, ed.) He promised to be part and parcel of the Life Group. Since hearing the testimony of Dukamayele, many people in the area are being saved and are going to the Life Group. This has been an encouragement not only for the Kajembe people but also for people from far distances because Dukamayele was a man of influence not only in Kajembe but also in far places.


George writes:

When the DCI team challenged the leaders of Kapando with the Explosive Growth, Dynamic Basics, The Exchanged Life, and Leaders’ Teachings, change and growth began with the leaders themselves after understanding that “They have to be in order to do” and after understanding the principals of growth through one to one discipling and Leaders’ Trainings.

This made these leaders to train some more leaders and many Christians actively discipling one to one and placing the new disciples in Life Groups which are also helping them to grow in their faith in the Lord.

This being the case, the area of Kapando has been greatly affected with the gospel. People who used to beat people in the area, to drink, to be witchdoctors, to steal and the people who were being used by the Devil in different areas are now saved and are serving the living God. Sins which they used to do they do them no more because Jesus has changed their lives.

New testaments Bibles, Dynamic Basic Booklets, the Explosive Growth pamphlets and Leaders Training Manuals are great tools which are being used by these people for the Exploding of the work and are making a great impact in peoples lives. Leaders have also benefited a lot from Tumbuka old and New testament bibles as well as English Study Bibles which are also helping them a lot to understand the bible.

Soon or later the whole area will be affected with the gospel.

Andrew reports:



The trip to Kapando was successful, when going to this place we used Kafukule road since it is the road that is in a better shape than Mpherembe road. We used Nissan and we travelled well to and from, and upon our arrival we were welcome at the house of Austin Nyangulu who gave us a good hospitality. We used our camping mattress and we slept well up to the next day. The trainings started well and the leaders were happy with the trainings, and we were also very encouraged with what God is doing at this place.

As we were travelling to kapando we passed by a certain place with a very beautiful scenery, this was a marsh like and such kind of a place are very scarce here especially the north part of Malawi. And this marsh seems to be in existence up to date because of the natural tress around, but once these tress can be carelessly cutted off then this will be just a history. (Attached photo)

Austin Nyangulu is a big farmer, he grows crops like maize, soya beans, groundnuts and beans, and he also raises chickens and guinea fowls for food. His house is located amongst his relatives in Kapando village, and some of his relatives are also good farmers who raise different livestock like goats and pigs for food and for selling.

Most of the farmers at this place are done with harvesting of their crops (harvest is in June. ed.). Most farmers are happy with their yields, but some are the victims of their own ignorance: poor planning and budgeting. Every Wednesday is a big market day at this trading center; different merchants from different places come with their items to sell. During this time of year these merchants are very eager, because farmers have just sold their crops and have cash in their pockets….

This is also the season were different activities are taking place in most villages e.g. wedding ceremonies, traditional dances and agricultural activities (shows). One thing that amazes most of the people is the Vimbuza dance, a traditional dance that is being conducted during this season only when a lot people are able to have enough food for their families; they are able to cook a lot food and eat.

It is also believed that this dance is being practiced with those people who are attacked with Vimbuza demons. During rainy season (in November – January, ed.) no one will come up with Vimbuza dance, because the people will be very busy cultivating in their farms. But once the dry season comes the demons will start manifesting through the dance. And this is evident and clearly shows that the devil is really there to steal from us.

We had a good interaction with the leaders from this place especially during lunch break, and the leaders were very free to express themselves on how the work of God is going on.


Joseph Ngala said: “In all 3 trips of trainings, I have benefited a lot and I’m not the same. During the first trainings I learnt about one to one discipleship and after implementing it I saw that it works and many people are accepting Christ into their lives. I have seen that God is really great, for we have a certain woman who used to brew local beer but by the time I approached her with the gospel through one to one she accepted Christ into her life and now she is living a new life in Christ and she is able to testify to others too”.

Titus Nyirenda said: “We are so blessed with the DCI teachings, for we used to know Christ but we had limited knowledge on how to interpret the word of God from the Bible. People are very happy with the gifts of the Bibles. We as leaders are so happy for these bibles too for they are prompting us to keep on working for God since the materials are readily available for us, and for us to keep quiet is hard, knowing that Bibles and discipleship materials are available and people are dying in their sin without Christ in the village. We shall not keep quiet but teach people about Christ.”

John Luhanga, “In the past I did not know how to pray but now I’m able to pray! With the help of the DCI teachings I’m seeing that my spiritual life now is growing. We have learnt a lot here and whatever we have been taught we are trying to pass on so that other people should benefit too.”

Hoover Chirwa said: “We are very grateful for these teachings that are transforming our area here in kapando. Life Groups are growing and multiplying and that makes our churches to grow also in numbers as well as in spiritual life. This empowers me to keep on training more leaders who will keep up the work of God.”

And another leader said that in the past I had no basic knowledge of Christianity. I was a born again after I learnt from Dynamic Basic booklet about being a new creation in Christ. Now I’m free from fear, I know how to pray and I know how to read and understand the word of God.


Why One-On-One Discipling Works in the Malawi Villages

Jun 22, 2017

We use the Exchanged Life teachings all the time on Malawi. The Wheel and Line is part of our training of the leaders and pastors.Go to this link for more information: ( http://gracefellowshipinternational.com/resources/wheel-and-line/ )
What I have noticed in Malawi is that because people are living in community in the villages in Malawi, the Gospel spreads more easily. Jesus said, “By this will all men know that you belong to me, by your love for one another.” That is lived out in these villages and energizes the spread of the Gospel. The people there say that they know they living wrong but don’t know how to change. The Gospel and the Word helps them know how to change. Since June 2015 over 600 Life Groups have started. In one area, the number of Life Groups doubles every six months! Our Team has handed out over 20,000 New Testaments and over 20,000 Basic discipling booklets. Most go to new believers. We praise God for His goodness in allowing us to witness this.
We also teach the pastors that Ephesians 4:11-13 tells them to equip people for works of ministry, in other words, give your ministry away by training others. This translates in churches growing and new churches being planted by these pastors and leaders. One pastor trained 98 leaders and another trained 104 in the last 2 years since June 2015.
I think the major problem in our North American churches is that we do everything in side the building and expect people to come to us. In Malawian villages the people live outside, mostly and their lives are seen by all. The Life Groups and Churches, as communities of believers, are noticed by those outside the church and become curious to know what has changed their lives.
Pastors think that preaching every Sunday is what God want them to do, whereas the Bible tells us that they need to train others.
We, in North America, think one-on-one discipling is too slow and a waste of time, but if you understand the multiplication factor, it works faster than any other way of spreading the Good News. Also in a one-on-one situation the person is not pressured by peer influence. We have noticed that this is an important factor in the growth of the work in Malawi as well.

– Hans and Elly

Testimonial Videos

Christopher Gondwe’s story of salvation (Video)
When we visited Karonga, Northern Malawi April 2017, we heard the testimony of Christopher Gondwe and how God saved him from a wasted life to one used by God for His glory!

We were in Enukweni, Northern Malawi in April 2017. We heard this amazing story from a witchdoctor who received Christ by faith and how her life was changed, not only hers, but also her family!


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Euthini: Second Leaders’ Training – March 2017




We had a wonderful trip to and from Euthini.

We used the Mpherembe road. It’s unfortunate that the government has taken almost five years without renovating the dirt road, and with the rains the road has become so bumpy with a lot of pot holes. We had to try to drive slowly and smart for the good life span of our vehicle. And as we were about to reach Kabwafu trading centre we got stuck In a pot hole that was made across the road by rain waters. We pushed the car and we started off again.

We were welcomed again in the house of Pastor Simeon Jere, who welcomed us with joy. We were given food to eat and went to bed early. We were tired due to the strain of driving. We were given the same room that we used last time, where inside we had 2 mattresses and we used our sleeping bags. We experienced hot temperatures especially during the night time.

The next day we started our trainings, and the leaders were very happy to see us again for the second trainings. It happened that some of the next generation leaders who were trained by these leaders showed a lot of interest and they came to participate with us. Seeing their presence that’s when we decided to revise the explosive growth teaching. So we emphasized to the leaders whom we trained last time to continue training more leaders, because for this reason the work will easily explode, and not forgetting the passing on principle. Some of these leaders could walk coming to the trainings and they were covering a distance of about 12 km, but still it is within Euthini. Now for this reason we know for sure that these leaders will carry on the work from where they stay to other places, for they will not be quiet but to pass it on, which means within a short period of time the whole Euthini will be covered up with the multiplying life groups.

Simeon, our host, lives closer to Euthini secondary school and due to that he has an opportunity to reach out to many students, and each day as we were there we could see him leading students to Christ through prayers, and teaching them the Christian basics. Some of the students that were being discipled by him are now through with secondary school education, but still he continues discipling them. And amongst them we had Wylos Mkandawire who also attended the trainings with us this time. He is a very committed leader and very curious indeed.

We enjoyed the trainings with the leaders, and during the Dynamic Discipling workshop it was so wonderful to see how the leaders were conducting the workshop, it was alive and exciting to see. During this work shop it happened that Given Mtonga was discipling Joseph Nkhambule who belongs to Church of Christ. He was not born again; and in the course of the workshop Joseph realized that he needed to accept Christ in his life. After admitting that, that’s when Given led him to Christ through prayer.


Since Euthini receives early rains that is why most of the crops in the area are maturing and some of the maize fields are drying up, and soon they will be harvesting their maize crops.



Simeon said that we are very grateful for you, the DCI team. We have learnt a lot and we are not the same and your coming to this place has made us to get an extra revival for the work of God. He continued by saying that, we are also thankful for the gifts of the New Testaments Bibles that you bring to us. That helps us a lot for discipleship.


As we were going back to Mzuzu we took a detour to visit the Kabwafu Life Group for a follow-up program. We were encouraged to hear much on how the work is growing. Queen Moyo, who is the coach, said that a lot of the LG are multiplying and many people are coming to Christ by the help of these life groups…. Queen added by saying that in all places where leaders have been relocated, there are already new leaders who are continuing the work. We expect that the leaders who have been relocated will still continue doing this DCI work for they are already well trained leaders and they have a zeal for reaching out and disciple making.

And after all the reports and discussions I collected the Explosive growth forms that indicates on how leaders are being trained, how life groups are multiplying, and how one to one discipleship is taking place in the area. And it’s very encouraging to hear that the materials that we give to them are bringing a change in the lives of many people.

This is how we travelled to Euthini for our second trainings and Kabwafu for our follow up program.


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Training in Nkhomboli, February 2017

Dear Friends,

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year is off to a good start. I know, it’s been more than a month and that Christmas is less than 11 months away, but somehow we seem to gauge our year by the celebration of that momentous event when Jesus came to earth to show us the Father’s love.

Our DCI team in Malawi has had a well-earned vacation, but now are back “on the road”. Having 2 fields trips behind them already this year and currently on their third trip (to Kapando) they have begun a new series of teachings in the villages. Last September, the team visited 8 of the villages where they had completed the trainings, and we received the multiplication charts. When I say, “completed the trainings”, I mean that they have gone to each specific area 3 times for 4-5 days at a time over the course of 5-6 months, teaching the leaders about the Explosive Growth principles…teaching them how to do one-to-one discipleship, the principles of multiplying Life Groups, and training leaders to reproduce themselves. We have heard so many testimonies from those who have been trained about how the lessons have been well received and immediately put into practice. We can count – from these multiplication charts alone – 251 life groups and 275 well trained leaders. Since each training session usually sees between 4-10 potential leaders in attendance, the verse in John 13:35 (“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”) is proven to be true. Neighbouring villages are asking, “Why are you different? We want what you have!” Unfortunately, we can’t track all the groups, but we know that there are many more! Each life group has an apprentice and a host/hostess also.

Exif_JPEG_420These 10 leaders attended at the first training week in Nkhomboli recently.

We know there are well over 400 Life Groups, of between 10 and 40 members each, functioning in northern Malawi – reaching out to their neighbours and family members; discipling those who have come to Christ for salvation. Each leader who has been trained is actively training others who will do the same. Some of the trained leaders have been moved (due to work) and have taken the DCI principles with them to their new villages – this is another way that the work expands even faster than we can keep track of. The Team tries to find a “coach” (or man-of-peace) for each area. We have several men/women whom God has raised up to become coaches. Each one has trained other peopleExif_JPEG_420

One of the leaders receiving his certificate for completing the Dynamic Basics lessons.

who have become coaches in their own areas. We are beginning to see overlap in the northern Malawi area. This is amazing! We are truly thankful.

In George’s recent report to us, he told us that pastor Owen Tembo from Zambia, who has attended the trainings in Nkhomboli (close to the border), is eager for the Team to come to Zambia to train up leaders there. This area of Zambia is predominantly Tumbuka speaking, so we are thankful for open doors. Please pray with us about this.

Nkhomboli is a very difficult area. It suffers from much witchcraft, excessive drinking, and also false prophets. Here’s a little excerpt from Andrew’s report regarding the false prophets:Exif_JPEG_420

”As we were there we saw a big church with grass thatched roof which belongs to a certain prophet. Due to a good interaction with the leaders, we had an opportunity to hear more of what the prophet teaches to the people in the area. The leaders whom we were teaching commented that DCI trainings are good for it clearly teaches us to know that we are saved by grace, and we have acceptance, assurance and protection from the Lord. That means a born again Christian has got 100% protection, acceptance and assurance. Now most of prophets they don’t want to share this knowledge with people. They want that people should remain ignorant and keep on trusting on them – the “man of God” instead of trusting God. … With the coming of DCI teachings here, we know for sure that our area is healed from ignorance for we shall not be quiet but pass on what we have learnt from here so that our people too should have the basic knowledge of the word of God which will help them to identify false teachings, and start trusting in the Lord. And through the teachings of DCI people will know the power that God has given them as they have accepted Christ as their personal Savior.”

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Praise God for His abundant blessings! Thank you so much for your support in prayer and in finances. May God bless you!

With love,

Hans and Elly Timmermans

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