Frank’s Transformation

How Frank was saved from a life of alcoholism and violence to becoming a peace maker through knowing Christ.

Pusi is located between Karonga Boma and Songwe Border (this is the border between Malawi and Tanzania).

George teaching

George Chipeta teaching.

Holy Cross Pentecostal Church at Pusi started in 2017 as a Life Group. A few years ago the DCI Team went to Karonga and trained a number of pastors. One of the pastors the Team trained was pastor Oswell Kaira. After being trained Oswell Kaira, the coach for the Karonga District, trained pastor Akim Kayera who in turn trained more leaders and pastors and established more Life Groups. After training these leaders he encouraged them to also disciple some people in their circle of influence, and to start Life Groups. Life Groups were started and Akim was one of the Life Group leaders. One pastor trained another pastor and Akim also trained another leader. This has resulted in explosive growth taking place in the Karonga Border area.  

Akim Kayera’s Life Group grew very fast as pastor Kaira kept on encouraging all the leaders to have Life Groups and find people to do one to one discipleship within their community. The new believers were using the Dynamic Basics Booklet to do their Bible studies in the Life Group meeting (as Shown in the Photo at the bottom). Akim’s Life Group became a church soon after in 2017. Akim, who was the Life Group leader, started to pastor this church. The church has 30 faithful church members who meet every Sunday and on other days during the week in Life Groups.

Many Muslims live in Pusi, and many of them have been reached with the good news. Praise God!

It is so encouraging and interesting to see how these newly trained leaders are discipling and training more leaders in the Karonga Border area. The one on one discipling is changing many peoples’ lives.

Through the newly planted church in Pusi, Karonga Boma District, pastor KayeraAkim Kayers has seen people being transformed through faith in Jesus. One of these is the family of Frank and Elizabeth Mlelemba.   Elizabeth was the first to be converted and discipled. As she was being discipled Elisabeth was given a New Testament Bible and a Dynamic Basics Booklet which she took home. Everyday Elizabeth would read her Bible and she kept studying her Dynamic Basics Booklet, while Frank (the husband) was watching and observing. Elizabeth’s life was evidently so transformed by her new-found faith, that even Frank noticed. Frank wanted to know what exactly was going on in his wife’s life. He went with her to the Life Group where Frank was convicted and found salvation. Frank gave his life to Christ and joined Elizabeth’s church and Life Group. He started to read his Bible everyday and started to understand God’s Will for his life and family. Frank and Elizabeth MlembaNow Frank is one of the faithful members of Pusi Holy Cross Pentecostal Church and is very committed to the work of God. Pusi Holy Cross Pentecostal Church meets in a class room at Pusi primary school. When Frank heard that the church was planning on purchasing a piece of land to build a church in the future, Frank donated a piece of property to the church. This shows how much Frank has changed his priorities. Before he gave his life to Christ, Frank was a very violent husband to Elizabeth and his children. Elizabeth testified that now Frank is a good husband and father. Frank was a drunkard before he gave his life to Christ. He was failing in his role as a man to provide for his family. All the money Frank made would be spent to buy beer, while his wife and children were hungry.  There was no money for clothes either because of his heavy drinking. He was also known as a violent fighter in his community when he got drunk. He would pick a fight with someone in the community or at the bar where he went to drink. But now Frank is a peacemaker and the people in his community are wondering what happened to Frank. His family and friends know that Frank’s life got changed the day he met Jesus and began going to church with his wife and children. Frank is a living testimony to everyone in his community of God’s transforming GRACE. This all happened as the result of the New Testament Bible which Elizabeth received freely the time she decided to join the Life Group, become a disciple of Christ, and begin serving Him with her life.

First day of study in 2017

First training in 2017. Learning to disciple one on one.



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