Pastor Laswell

Pastor Laswell came to the training in Enukweni, about 35 KM north of Mzuzu, our DCI Team’s home base. He is pastor of an African International Church, a church without the Gospel and without the Bible. There are many such churches in Malawi. Witchcraft and other unbiblical things are practiced there, it is not a Christian Church. Three of these pastors were saved during this training as they heard the Good News. With pastor Laswell the message went deep. he understood the implications of being lost. In this short clip he talks about his need to get back to his church to tell them the Good News. You will hear laughter at the end of the video, but think about what he says about people who don’t know Jesus!

The Team went on a follow-up visit a few days after the training finished and we had returned home to Canada again. They found Laswell training a group of church leaders and telling them the things he had learned. As the Gospel was shared with this group of 7 all believed on the Lord Jesus and were saved. Laswell’s church is no longer meeting in darkness, the glorious light of the Gospel is being shone in the hearts of his congregation. We hear about people being saved there. Praise the Lord!!

Laswell, Dead Men Walking Jan 2018 from Hans Timmermans on Vimeo.