New Vehicle Arrived!

DCI Malawi vehicle

This is the 2014 Toyota Hilux Raider. It finally arrived in Mzuzu and is now fully certified and ready for ministry! It has only 104,000 KM on the odometer and has a standard transmission with a Diesel engine to move it. Thanks for your help in making this truck a reality. The cost was just over $45,000.00 and it came from South Africa.

George Chipeta reports:

I am delighted to report that we had a successful mission to Chitimba and other places in that area that we visited. We spent the first three days with pastors at Chitimba discussing and learning about OFFERING TO GOD. This was another exciting time where pastors participated and discovered the truth about this teaching on giving. After the teaching pastors said that this teaching was an eye opener to them and has helped them to change their mind about what the Bible teaches about giving. This in turn will also help them teach the truth about Offering to God. They will teach the leaders they have trained as well as people in the churches.

After having such a good time and interaction with pastors at Chitimba, we spend two days visiting some Life Groups which have been established by these pastors, nearby and farther from Chitimba. We discovered that many Life Groups have been established by these pastors, we didn’t have time to visit all of them. Pastor Lameck Mchunkha Kondowe and Shupa Msiska did not come, Lamech is still sick and he needs our prayers, while pastor Shupa just lost his sister.

We visited the Chilawila Life Group and the Chombe Life Group.

At Chilawila Life Group we learnt that many people are being saved and do participate in the Life Group meetings. We were also delighted to hear them mentioning all the 5 (W)s of the Life Group. This was an indication to us that they know what to do when they meet as a Life Group. They were also thankful for the DCI teachings and materials which helped them to know the truth and grow in their spiritual lives. It was also encouraging to hear testimonies of how God has changed their lives from being used by the Devil and living troublesome lives to becoming God’s children and being used by God for his own glory.

On our way to Chombe Life Group I met an old lady reading the word of God from her old and worn out Bible. Her name is Asi Msiska.

At the Chombe Life Group, we encouraged the people from Ezra 7:10, particularly on three things; studying the word of God, doing what we have learnt and teaching others what we have learnt, as Ezra also did. We also reminded people to continue using DCI principles and to continue reaching the lost.

It was at this Life Group, where people thanked God for the great work he is doing using DCI and they asked us to sit in the middle as they prayed for us and the DCI Ministry at large.

All in all we had a successful mission and were really encouraged with what God is doing in different Life Groups. Many people’s lives are changed, discipled and Life Groups are established and are reproducing. Churches are also growing and being planted as these Life Groups grow.