Ministry Update: October, 2019

Dear friends of Malawi,
How time does fly by. Someone once told me that time is relevant to our age: when we are young, say 10 years old, then a year is one-tenth of our life time, whereas at the ripe old age of 65, one year is one-sixty-fifth of our life time, so it seems to go faster! Makes total sense to me. I guess that’s why it is speeding by – we are not getting any younger. But, God is good to us all the time.
We just came back from a wonderful trip to western Canada. Many thanks to all those who hosted us and helped with the logistics and scheduling of the various presentations. Also, a big thank you to those who came to one of our presentations. We so enjoyed re-connecting with many friends from days gone by. God opened doors to present His work in many places. We were encouraged to notice that the presentation of the work of discipling in Malawi brought questions from listeners of how we can/should be discipling here in Canada. So, lots of opportunities to discuss discipleship further.
We had great times of fellowship and prayer/praise for what God is doing. One of the side benefits of this trip was that we got to visit the various places where we have lived in BC and Saskatchewan as well as visit with our Dynamic Churches friends and others in Alberta. It was a busy time, but very satisfying and fulfilling. We trust that God will use these Malawi presentations to further His Kingdom and to grow His body of believers.
The translation work of the Dynamic Discipling booklet into the Chichewa language has just been completed and we will look forward to printing some of these booklets in the very near future. In the meantime, the Dynamic Basics booklet has almost run out again, and we will need to print more of these also. As the work grows, the demands for discipleship material also grows with it.
Please pray with us because our supply of New Testaments will be depleted soon. ShareWord has promised more for next year (delivery June 2020) for which we are extremely thankful, but what to do in the meantime? Without the Word of God, it is difficult to disciple someone.  Would you consider donating before the end of the year?
I referred to the speed of time earlier; December 31 will be here before we know it, and with it the opportunity for 2019 income tax receipts for donations will be ending. Please consider how you can help the discipleship in Malawi with funds to print material and purchase New Testaments.
Another need that I would like to share with you who pray for the work in Malawi, is that we are considering the work load that our team of 2 indigenous men carry. Our third member has gone on to other work, and so the work load has increased significantly for John and George. We have someone in mind who we would like to bring on board to join the team. We have known this person for a long time. He meets all the requirement, plus some!
We also are going to see a 15-20% increase to our budget for ministry expenses for 2020. In order to keep up the pace, we need additional funding on a monthly basis also. Can we count on you? You can click here if you want to help via Canada Helps or email us. If you have not looked at our Malawi website lately, (, you will be blessed to read some of the stories or reports that John and/or George have sent us. God is in the business of saving the people of Malawi. When God does something, He does it well!
You can email us or call:
Hans: 519-859-9812
Elly: 519-913-3341
Thanks for reading this update and your prayers!
Love in Christ,
Hans & Elly