Euthini: Second Leaders’ Training – March 2017




We had a wonderful trip to and from Euthini.

We used the Mpherembe road. It’s unfortunate that the government has taken almost five years without renovating the dirt road, and with the rains the road has become so bumpy with a lot of pot holes. We had to try to drive slowly and smart for the good life span of our vehicle. And as we were about to reach Kabwafu trading centre we got stuck In a pot hole that was made across the road by rain waters. We pushed the car and we started off again.

We were welcomed again in the house of Pastor Simeon Jere, who welcomed us with joy. We were given food to eat and went to bed early. We were tired due to the strain of driving. We were given the same room that we used last time, where inside we had 2 mattresses and we used our sleeping bags. We experienced hot temperatures especially during the night time.

The next day we started our trainings, and the leaders were very happy to see us again for the second trainings. It happened that some of the next generation leaders who were trained by these leaders showed a lot of interest and they came to participate with us. Seeing their presence that’s when we decided to revise the explosive growth teaching. So we emphasized to the leaders whom we trained last time to continue training more leaders, because for this reason the work will easily explode, and not forgetting the passing on principle. Some of these leaders could walk coming to the trainings and they were covering a distance of about 12 km, but still it is within Euthini. Now for this reason we know for sure that these leaders will carry on the work from where they stay to other places, for they will not be quiet but to pass it on, which means within a short period of time the whole Euthini will be covered up with the multiplying life groups.

Simeon, our host, lives closer to Euthini secondary school and due to that he has an opportunity to reach out to many students, and each day as we were there we could see him leading students to Christ through prayers, and teaching them the Christian basics. Some of the students that were being discipled by him are now through with secondary school education, but still he continues discipling them. And amongst them we had Wylos Mkandawire who also attended the trainings with us this time. He is a very committed leader and very curious indeed.

We enjoyed the trainings with the leaders, and during the Dynamic Discipling workshop it was so wonderful to see how the leaders were conducting the workshop, it was alive and exciting to see. During this work shop it happened that Given Mtonga was discipling Joseph Nkhambule who belongs to Church of Christ. He was not born again; and in the course of the workshop Joseph realized that he needed to accept Christ in his life. After admitting that, that’s when Given led him to Christ through prayer.


Since Euthini receives early rains that is why most of the crops in the area are maturing and some of the maize fields are drying up, and soon they will be harvesting their maize crops.



Simeon said that we are very grateful for you, the DCI team. We have learnt a lot and we are not the same and your coming to this place has made us to get an extra revival for the work of God. He continued by saying that, we are also thankful for the gifts of the New Testaments Bibles that you bring to us. That helps us a lot for discipleship.


As we were going back to Mzuzu we took a detour to visit the Kabwafu Life Group for a follow-up program. We were encouraged to hear much on how the work is growing. Queen Moyo, who is the coach, said that a lot of the LG are multiplying and many people are coming to Christ by the help of these life groups…. Queen added by saying that in all places where leaders have been relocated, there are already new leaders who are continuing the work. We expect that the leaders who have been relocated will still continue doing this DCI work for they are already well trained leaders and they have a zeal for reaching out and disciple making.

And after all the reports and discussions I collected the Explosive growth forms that indicates on how leaders are being trained, how life groups are multiplying, and how one to one discipleship is taking place in the area. And it’s very encouraging to hear that the materials that we give to them are bringing a change in the lives of many people.

This is how we travelled to Euthini for our second trainings and Kabwafu for our follow up program.


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