Progress through Discipleship

March 21, 2014

Exciting News of God’s Work in Northern Malawi

A Chief 1As Hans and I continue to reflect on the ministry that God has called us to in Malawi, we stand amazed in wonder and awe! What a great God we have. I think of what a privilege it is to know God and to know the power of deliverance from the penalty of sin through the spilt blood of the Lamb of God. Were it not for that, I, too, would stand before a holy God – guilty, condemned to die. That is the condition of the vast majority of the Malawians in northern Malawi. But when we see and hear of their repentance and desire to change their ways when they hear about the good news of salvation and God’s plan for their lives, our hearts swell with thanksgiving. God loves these people and He is bringing them into an everlasting relationship with Himself.

The reports we get from the field are exciting. Many people are being saved and discipled; leaders are being trained to start life groups. Our team is using the Dynamic Discipling booklets. People are taught one-to-one discipling and are taught to pass it on. The Apprentice Leaders Manual has been translated into Tumbuka (local language), and a supply of them has been printed in Malawi as needed.

One of our team members recently went to Gate of Heaven Church (Pastor McLean’s church) in Mzuzu to continue the training which had already been started. Let me share with you what he writes in his report on this training:

“The evaluation on the progress was encouraging. The trainings the Church received on the one to one discipling has helped the church to grow more than twice what it was at first. The members are now growing mighty in their faith and are able to reach out into their community with the Gospel and are seeing a great harvest of souls, which has resulted into the growth of the church. So far the church has 8 life groups and all the members of the life groups are actively involved in the work of the ministry.
Having the word of God (receiving the free bible) is making a huge difference in their lives. First of all, in their personal lives, they testified that having a Bible has helped their spiritual lives to grow. They are able to know the word by themselves by reading their Bibles. They testified that since they received the Bibles their lives have never been the same. Secondly, having the Word has made a difference even in their community, because through the Word which they have come to know, they are able to teach other people in their community which has resulted in many lives being transformed.”



The team faithfully keeps us informed of the growth of the work and the results of their ministry. God has certainly blessed us.


We thank God for each of you who have a vital part in this ministry. We are so dependent on your prayers, and also your financial support. Thank you!!

Elly and Hans Timmermans

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