Why One-On-One Discipling Works in the Malawi Villages

Jun 22, 2017

We use the Exchanged Life teachings all the time on Malawi. The Wheel and Line is part of our training of the leaders and pastors.Go to this link for more information: ( http://gracefellowshipinternational.com/resources/wheel-and-line/ )
What I have noticed in Malawi is that because people are living in community in the villages in Malawi, the Gospel spreads more easily. Jesus said, “By this will all men know that you belong to me, by your love for one another.” That is lived out in these villages and energizes the spread of the Gospel. The people there say that they know they living wrong but don’t know how to change. The Gospel and the Word helps them know how to change. Since June 2015 over 600 Life Groups have started. In one area, the number of Life Groups doubles every six months! Our Team has handed out over 20,000 New Testaments and over 20,000 Basic discipling booklets. Most go to new believers. We praise God for His goodness in allowing us to witness this.
We also teach the pastors that Ephesians 4:11-13 tells them to equip people for works of ministry, in other words, give your ministry away by training others. This translates in churches growing and new churches being planted by these pastors and leaders. One pastor trained 98 leaders and another trained 104 in the last 2 years since June 2015.
I think the major problem in our North American churches is that we do everything in side the building and expect people to come to us. In Malawian villages the people live outside, mostly and their lives are seen by all. The Life Groups and Churches, as communities of believers, are noticed by those outside the church and become curious to know what has changed their lives.
Pastors think that preaching every Sunday is what God want them to do, whereas the Bible tells us that they need to train others.
We, in North America, think one-on-one discipling is too slow and a waste of time, but if you understand the multiplication factor, it works faster than any other way of spreading the Good News. Also in a one-on-one situation the person is not pressured by peer influence. We have noticed that this is an important factor in the growth of the work in Malawi as well.

– Hans and Elly

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