Ekwendeni Third Training, July 2017



We had a successful mission at Ekwendeni. We were warmly welcomed by the coach and all leaders and pastors of Ekwendeni who were also delighted to see us for the third time and they gave us superb hospitality.

We had a good time of training, and pastors were so eager to learn. We were so encouraged to hear from them that the work is growing explosively. They were so thankful for the Spiritual Gifts teachings, which helped them to know more about their spiritual gifts and understand each other better because of different colours of glasses they have worn (different gifts). They also learned a lot about leadership from the Apprentice Leaders Manual.


Ekwendeni Pastors.

Here are some comments from pastors and leaders;

Pastor Christone Mkamanga (Holy Cross Church):

He thanked the DCI team for all the three trainings done and for all the materials and the Share

Word New Testaments which are a great help to all pastors and leaders in discipling and leaders’ training. He said that many people are coming to the Lord through these teachings and to be given a New Testament and dynamic basic booklet is another great help for them to be reading for themselves what they learn from their disciplers.

Lightwell Nyirenda (Pentecostal Holiness Church):

He said that his church has been helped a lot with the one to one discipling and materials are also helping them a lot to reach more people. People are discovering the truth by reading for themselves from the New Testament bibles, which they receive for free and they could not manage to buy because they even struggle to find their own food. He also said that the DCI teachings and all materials given to them makes them not to stay idle but to go and make disciples.


Praying God’s blessing on the discipling 

Pastor Godfrey Ngwira (Jesus Alive Church):

Said that he was so thankful for the good eye-opening teachings which the DCI teambrought. He also said that he has learned how to reach out through one to one discipling and this has led to opening of many churches branches. Furthermore, he asked us to continue being in touch with them and supporting their ministry with teachings, advice, new testament bibles and DCI materials. He also said that in all the areas where he is ministering, people do not have bibles and books for them to be reading for their spiritual growth. He also said that although this is the last training but weaning them should not put a gap between us and them. He also said that God knows the great work that you are doing for him.

Pastor Samson Ng’oma (Gethseman Church):

Said that the DCI teaching makes the work of God easy to be done through one to one discipling, leaders’ trainings and Life Groups. He said that when we went there for the first training his church was just starting and was attended by his family alone, but now it has grown tremendously through one to one discipling, Life Groups and new testaments and all DCI materials. He also said that through these teachings and materials he has also opened a church branch and has established 4 Life Groups.

Pastor Yohani Nyirenda:

Said that bibles has been scarce amongst believers so discipling them and giving them New Testaments and Dynamic Basic Booklets is equipping them to reach out for Christ and being grounded in the word.

Pastor Blessings Chanza (River of Life Church):

He was so thankful to DCI ministry for the awesome work of teaching us to be productive in the Lord and to train more leaders who in turn will also train more leaders and many people will be reached with the Good News.

In the Lord’s Service,

George. For the entire DCI Team


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