Chikwina: Fourth Leaders Training, July 23-27, 2018

We had a wonderful trip to Chikwina for our fourth leaders training, as we were communicating with the leaders from Chikwina a week before our trip, we were told that there were continuous heavy rains that caused the leaders to start doubting if the trainings were even possible. They already know that there is a challenge for vehicles to pass through the gravel road from Mpamba trading centre to Chikwina during heavy rains. Cancelling the trainings at Chikwina it would be a challenge for us as well (because it throws off our scheduled trainings in other places), and so we prayed over it and it happened that towards the weekend the weather changed, and we were told that Chikwina is now dry and that vehicles have started passing through this gravel road to Chikwina. Thankfully we had no rains while we were there. We thank God that all the training went well, and all the leaders were happy for all the lessons that we taught during this fourth visit trip.

We found the leaders waiting to welcome us in Chikwina. We were very much encouraged to hear how the work of God is growing.  We slept at the rest house because last time the pastor who hosted us used to move his kids to the sitting room, so we could use the bedroom. We felt that was a good alternative because to have our tent outside would be very dangerous. This is the place where a lot of the youth do use Indian hemp (Pot). But we thank God that some of them are being exposed to gospel and they are accepting Christ into their lives and by and by the community is being transformed.

The leaders were very happy to see us again and we had very good interaction with them. Chikwina generally is a cool place that is why they can grow crops like coffee and other crops that requires cool temperatures. Most of the farmers have started cultivating their gardens along the valleys, and some have already planted their crops. We were impressed with those leaders/trainees who managed to teach the Explosive Growth and Wheel Diagram back to us. That helped us understand that they really understand what is taught. We were also encouraged by knowing that our teachings are not in vain, we are really teaching reliable people who can manage to transfer/pass on the teachings to others effectively (2 Timothy 2:2).

The Chikwina believers are greatly helped with the gifts of the New Testament Bibles. We chatted with several people who have benefited from the bibles. Martha Banda is one of the people who is very happy for the gift of the NT Bibles, and Esnart Mhone said, “I have learnt a lot from the bible and my life is not the same”. She continued by saying that John 15:1-2 talks about the vine and its branches, and we are learning that we need to abide in Christ for us to bear more fruit. The Team was encouraged seeing how freely she expressed herself, she has been well discipled and she knows that she is accepted before the Lord and that gives her courage to come before the Lord in prayer. (Her photo is posted above)


Governor Chunda said, “The DCI teachings have helped us a lot here in Chikwina because most of the people who were not going to church now have accepted Christ and they are now going to church for worship. The teachings have also helped bring unity amongst us pastors of different denominations. Most of us used to do things on their own but now they have seen the importance of gathering together as a pastor fraternal (ministerial). They are happy that their churches are now growing due to the introduction of the life groups and the discipleship. And I have also seen the power of relation building amongst the new believers, it motivates them to know that we are a family.”

Andrew Banda said, “With the DCI teachings I have been able to open a church branch (plant a church) at Chipunga. The people are very curious and they are passing on what they have learnt and this makes the work to grow very fast. Many of us are very excited for the teachings that have greatly shaped us in our spiritual lives.”

Dyson Kamadowa said, “I thank God for the DCI teachings because now I know many things that help me to lead the church, unlike the past when I used to get puzzled seeing people having no interest of coming to church. Some would just abandon our church and go to other churches. Now I know that love is the central element of the gospel that makes people feel accepted in their lives without considering the situations that they are passing through. This has also helped me to know how to find and train leaders and how to handle people of different characters and teach them the word of God in love. (This is due to the Spiritual Gifts the DCI Team teaches).

This is how we travelled to Chikwina for our fourth visit.

Report by: Andrew Makwakwa, DCI Trainer.


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