2500 Chichewa New Testaments bought!

Dear Friends,

As you read the reports below, our prayer is God will stir your heart and encourage you as you see how the one on one discipling is spreading the Good News in Malawi. Thank you for your prayers and support! We, together, can do God’s Work and make an enormous difference as the Good News goes deeply into the hearts and lives of the Malawians. In Malawi DCI stands for Discipling Christ-followers Intentionally. And the DCI Team does!

Holy Cross Pentecostal Church at Pusi started in 2017 as a Life Group. A few years ago the DCI Team went to Karonga and trained a number of pastors. One of the pastors the Team trained was pastor Oswell Kaira. After being trained Oswell Kaira, the coach for the Karonga District, trained pastor Akim Kayera who in turn trained more leaders and pastors and established more Life Groups. After training these leaders he encouraged them to also disciple some people in their circle of influence, and to start Life Groups. Life Groups were started and Akim was one of the Life Group leaders. One pastor trained another pastor and this man also trained another leader. This has resulted in explosive growth taking place in the Karonga Border area. http://www.northernmalawinews.com of how God has reached Frank and Elizabeth Mlelemba and freed Frank from alcoholism and made him a Christ-follower, serving in his local church.

This photo (left) is of pastor Kayera who was trained by pastor Oswell of Karonga. Pastor Kayera lives in Kating’inda in the Pusi area. After being trained he started to reach people through one on one discipling and to train leaders. This has resulted in many people being saved, discipled and trained as leaders. Now many pastors and leaders invite pastor Kayera or the people he has trained to come and train them. This keeps them busy, because many are eager! One of these leaders he trained is Wakisa Mbwagha, who after being trained has also been passing on what he learned through one to one discipling and training leaders.

This is Wakisa Mbwagha (right) who was trained by pastor Kayera. He has also trained a number of pastors and leaders who are also actively doing one to one discipling, training leaders and establishing Life Groups. Wakisa is very eager and devoted to the work of God. The New Testament Bible he received has been a great tool not just for reaching out but has also personally helped him in his spiritual growth. He is learning more about his new life in Christ as he goes through the Dynamic Basic Booklet and as he reads and meditates on the Word of God from the Bible he received from Share Word.

The work which began by training one pastor, Oswell Kaira, in the area has resulted in all these leaders and pastors being trained. This is only a portion of the trainees; many live far away. The work has covered many areas in Karonga Border District. So far pastor Kayera and the leaders and pastors he has trained have been travelling long distances to conduct the trainings. Many people are being reached, discipled and Life Groups established.

They are so thankful for the Bibles they receive from Share Word and the training materials received from DCI. “They are so helpful in discipling people and this results in a great impact in people’s lives”. Pastor Kayera mentioned that the challenge is that the demand for training is bigger than the supply of materials and that this limits the work of discipling. In response, we asked them to keep on praying that God should provide more materials and that we (the DCI Team) will try our best to send them more materials and Bibles so the work will continue to grow.


Update on the fundraising projects:

• Bibles. As you already know ShareWord has promised 10,000 New Testaments for next year. We need 10,000 more. Your help has made it possible to buy 2500 urgently needed Chichewa New Testaments from the Malawian Bible Society so far!

• Printing DCI materials. We have ordered 2500 Basic Discipling booklets in Chichewa ! We need many more in Tumbuka also to keep up with the growth to reach the lost in Malawi and Zambia.

• So far we raised $ 100.00 more to support the DCI Team toward the additional $ 500.00 for general expenses. At present the monthly income is $2,530.00. Can you help?
Dynamic Churches International’s Mission

DCI is a non-profit faith ministry with a vision to have reached every person with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the reproduction of equipped witnessing disciples.

To donate, please click on this link.
We can accommodate both Canadian and USA charitable gifts.

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