Muslims Turning to Christ

Dear friends,

Good News from a far country is always encouraging! Malawi is very far away and as different from Canada as possible. But people are being saved! This story is about Muslims coming to faith in Christ. How encouraging is that?

Christmas is less than 4 weeks away. That is a time of giving. Please read about the difference you can help make this Christmas by making the means available to keep reaching the people of Malawi. The work is growing by leaps and bounds, beyond our imagination because believers are reaching their neighbors and friends in large numbers.

Elly and I will be in Malawi from January 16 – February 11, 2019. We are planning a conference with Charles Ambaka, a GFI Associate from Kenya. Charles will be teaching the Exchanged Life, Elly will be focusing on the Firm Foundations course and I will be teaching Bible Interpretation. The conference will be for three days. We appreciate your prayers as a number of the coaches will come to this conference. They will take the teaching home to pass on to their leaders, who will teach their Life Groups. That is how discipling works!

Now for a few stories:

Pastor Brian of Cornerstone Church in Sani told us he has been preaching there for many years but has never witnessed lives being transformed like he does now using the DCI approach of sharing the Good News through one on one discipling. He said he knows of no other way to reach the Sani Muslims than through one on one discipleship. Many churches and missionaries have tried to reach these people by bringing handouts, like the Muslims do, without any impact. People pretend to follow them but after receiving the gifts they go back to Islam. Pastor Brian mentioned that the ShareWord Bibles have also been a great tool in winning Muslims to Christ. People in this area are in search of the true God, but also like free handouts. When they hear that those who are discipled receive a free Bible, they come to get that free Bible. They assume that after they get their Bible and the Dynamic Basics Booklet they can return to their Muslim religion. But while they are being discipled and waiting to receive that free Bible and having completed the Dynamic Basics Booklet, they wind up being saved through the Word and experience true conversion. Then they join a Life Group and become strong believers in Jesus. They also begin to reach out to their neighbors and relatives. And that is how Muslims are becoming Christ-followers and join the Christian churches in the area.

More stories and personal testimonies from this Muslim area of Nkhotakhota and Sani area are found on our website Please take time to read a few and be encouraged. Click on the link below.

One of the local people our team interviewed was Martin Banda who joined Islam 58 years ago when his parents joined Islam because of the handouts. Martin told us he doesn’t like Islam because he feels it is a dead religion. He says that after all these years of being a Muslim he still doesn’t understand what is written in the Quran, for it is written in Arabic. (You will find more about this gentleman; after the interview, George led him to Christ.)

David Mwaluwiro is a wonderful godly man and full of wisdom. He attended the training for the first time, but had previously been informed by one of the leaders. His love for God is amazing. He asked Raphael if he could attend the meeting because he wanted to meet the DCI team and thank them for the Bibles and the teaching that is being done. During the training he was also making some good comments, especially regarding the commitment of the leader. He challenged his fellow leaders, “As leaders we should not be like sign posts which only point in the direction of a place where we have never been ourselves. The leader should not tell people to do what he himself has never done before. Rather he should tell people to do what the apostle Paul said, ‘Follow me as I follow Christ’. The leader must be an example to the group, not ‘do as I say’ but ‘do as I do’”. It was encouraging to hear these comments because it clearly shows that people are really getting the teachings.

Projects for you to consider:

Bibles. ShareWord has promised 10,000 New Testaments for next year. We can use 20,000, an additional 10,000. So far you have given $26,249.00. We are looking for $50,000 by the end of December so we can buy enough Bibles to last until the next shipment from ShareWord comes in June/July 2019.
Printing DCI Discipling materials. We need to print 20,000 Basic Discipling booklets to keep up with the growth in Malawi and now also in Zambia.
Monthly Needs: The DCI Team also needs an additional $500.00 in monthly contributions for general expenses. At present the monthly income is $2,530.00. This pays for allowances and other ministry expenses. The cost of gasoline has gone from MK720 to MK920 / litre, about $1.90 / litre. Inflation keeps going up. Can you help monthly?

To help the DCI Team do their work, please click here.
DCI | 164 Stonegate Close , Airdrie, AB, Alberta T4B 2V2 Canada

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