An Exciting Story of Grace

Dear friends of DCI Malawi,

John, George and Caleb went to a village high in the mountains about 200 Km from Mzuzu along Lake Malawi, inaccessible by car or motorbike. They were invited to go there with two older pastors, Rammed Chunkha and Shupa Msiska of the Church of God. The story we heard during our Zoom meeting with the team was amazing. The testimonies of changed life through the Gospel, high officials saved and now going door to door … Go to our website for the whole story.

We appreciate your continued interest in the work God is doing in this poor country.

We also rejoiced to hear the results of the elections in Malawi. The country has elected a man who is a professing Christian and who was the pastor of a Malawi Assemblies of God church for many years. Here is a link to his inauguration message.

Please read the full report below: Finding God at Work high in the Malawian Mountains. Also it is now possible to e-transfer money for Malawi to the DCI office: or visit our Donate page. You can also mail a check to the DCI address. We thank you for your help in making this work possible. God will reward you!


Hans and Elly

Dynamic Churches International
164 Stonegate Close,
Airdrie, Alberta T4B 2V2 Canada

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