A Witch Doctor Saved

Caleb writes:

I want to share the testimony of MICHAEL MSUKU from Euthini.

MICHAEL was a witch doctor. He was taught by his father who was also a witch doctor. He became a practicing witchdoctor while he was a young boy and now he is grown up and with a wife and children. So being a witch doctor was like a business that helped his family to survive. People would come to him searching for help and he would charge them chickens, money, or other items. Dancing vimbuza was his lifestyle. He would eat foods sacrificed to the spirits and do many things which are ungodly…

One day he was visited by pastor Manda who started discipling him using the one-on-one and discipled him. He then trusted the LORD Jesus as his LORD and savior. His life was changed because of the Gospel and he stopped everything he was doing as a witch doctor and now he is a strong member of pastor Manda’s Church as well as a devoted member of the life group. He is now farming to support his family.

But this brought divisions and dispute between him and his father who taught him to be a witch doctor. His father said to him that he cannot dump his traditional beliefs, but he said to him that he will never deny Jesus for the sake of these traditional beliefs. 
We can be praying for Michael to remain strong in the Lord, and for his father to trust Jesus also.

Another testimony is about Mr. MACDONAlD NGOMA from MWENJE

Macdonald Ngoma is an old man over 60 years old, but he is still devotedly going up and down his village doing one-on-one discipling.

One day he met Macloud  Mvula who was not saved. He had not even heard about salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Macdonald began discipling him. Macloud accepted Jesus Christ and his life changed, and he is now discipling others using one-on-one discipling with them.


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