Initial Report from Caleb

Dear friends,

As we mentioned, Caleb Chilambo has joined our DCI Team this month. Here are his first impressions and activities as a DCI Team member. Share in some of his excitement:

From: Caleb


I write to report on how I experienced the first half of January 2020 as the new DCI Team member.

There are a number of things that have happened during this time. One of them is that Mary, my wife, and I have been introduced to the DCI family of John and Maureen and George and Glory on January 1 2020. We enjoyed fellowship, love and smiles together. Then we had orientation week at the office, in which George helped me repair the motorbike, open a bank account and buy time for my phone. John also helped me set up my email address and introduced me to some office work, like counting and packing books to get ready for a field trip on February 3, 2020.

I also enjoyed sharing Bible verses at the Zoom meeting with Hans and Elly. We worked on a schedule for our follow-up work from February 3 till July 20.

I also connected with pastor Sunday of Full Gospel Church. He lives in Mzuzu in the Geshah area and he is a long-time friend of mine. So I explained to him about the discipleship training that DCI is doing. He was so excited about it and now he wants to be trained in the Dynamic Basics. He even said he will invite other pastors to be trained together so that they can learn on how to disciple their church members and other people. I told John and George about it and we are making plans to train them some day in the near future. On Tuesday 14 of January he called me on the phone and I confirmed to him that we will train them some day after we have set the dates.

I also had an opportunity to talk to James. He just finished his secondary school last year and is preparing to go to university this year. We attend the same church. He received Jesus more than 5 years ago but had not been discipled. So since I teach a Bible Study at the church, he came to me one day and asked a question. His question was, “How can I know my sins are forgiven?” I took him to my house on the motorbike and explained to him, that based on Colossians 2:13-14, “And you, being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses, having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross”. (NKJV) This is also explained in the Basics. He seemed satisfied with the explanation and we prayed together. At the end I asked him if we can go through the Basics together. He agreed and so we met again at my house on 14 January when we studied the first lesson. We will be meeting again tomorrow, on January 18 to continue going through lesson two.

I have also enjoyed the discussions we have been having at the office with John and George. I also enjoyed the quiet moments of reading books. I have started reading a book about doing the will of God and also a book on Systematic Theology about the end time events.

It has been three months since we got married on October 5, 2019 and Mary and I are enjoying it.

Pray for us here in Malawi, we are going through a tough moment of political instability. (Click here to see a video of recent demonstrations.)



I don’t know about you, but we are excited to read of his interest in getting started in training leaders and discipling young believers. Please pray with us that he will continue on this path and contribute to the work of the DCI Team.

Thanks for your partnership – in encouragement, prayer and in financial giving. God bless you.

Hans and Elly Timmermans


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New Year’s Update: Welcoming Caleb

HAPPY NEW YEAR! January 2020

Dear Friends of Malawi,

Welcome to 2020!  Where has the time gone?  I remember very well the excitement we were all facing when we were about to enter the year 2000.  And now here we are – 20 years later.  Another decade faces us.  What will God do this year?  It’s not for us to be too concerned about that, apart from walking in obedience to God’s will – seeking His wisdom and direction for every step of our journey.  Our prayer is always that His will be done – in our personal lives as well as the work in Malawi and each of the members of our Team there.

Speaking of Team – we are very happy to introduce to you our new team member, Caleb Chilambo. We have known Caleb for 8 years now and have admired his dedication to God, his godly lifestyle and his desire to humbly serve Him. Caleb married his wife, Mary, this past October 5. They live in Mzuzu (our home base, where John and George live also). He attends the same church as John and George. It’s also the same church that we attend when we are there. He is a gifted teacher and evangelist. We have heard him teach a few times. He is known to stand on the street corner in Mzuzu with his keyboard and bring music and the gospel to people there. Caleb is a gifted musician as well. We look forward to what he is going to bring to the Team and seeing how God will use him for the continuance of His work of discipling one-on-one and leadership training in Malawi. He has served as an interpreter for us in situations where we needed one. Since Andrew went on to do other things over a year ago now, John and George have been working hard and trying to keep everything going with the 2 of them – sometimes putting in many long days and working on their days off. Some of the reports that we used to get regularly have been put on the “back burner” due to lack of time. However, the work continues to grow. The number of coaches that have been trained keeps going up and each one is fervently reaching out to neighbours and friends with one-on-one discipleship. Churches are growing and multiplying.

We are not planning a trip to Malawi yet this year. We enjoy many regular team meetings via “zoom”. It’s almost like sitting across the table from each other. Hans always says, the only thing is that we can’t offer them is a cup of coffee. Together we discuss issues that come up, brainstorm ideas, as well pray and have Bible studies this way. Often the internet is a source of anguish for me, but “zoom” certainly is a blessing.

One of the things that we discussed and worked on together via zoom is the budget for 2020. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, we anticipated the budget to increase by 20%; however we have found that the increase is actually 37%. Not only have we added another member to the team, which is the bulk of the increase, but we have seen prices increase for just about everything. The budget does not include items such as printing more discipleship material or purchasing more New Testaments. We praise God for the partnership of the Gideons (ShareWord Global) who are again supporting us with 11,500 New Testaments this year as well as 500 Bibles. The other thing we have noticed is that the Nissan which is now 12 years old is experiencing some higher need for repair. We need to start thinking about how we can replace it with a newer vehicle, and keep up the payments for repairs in the meantime. These are just a few of the struggles we face. Without your partnership this work is impossible to do. I know that you already know, but you are a vital part of the discipleship and leadership training that happens in Malawi and we praise God for you – your prayers, your encouragements and your financial help.

This was just a little update. We will send more stories from the field in our next newsletter. In the meantime, can I invite you to click here to donate through Canada Helps?  Or, if you prefer, and to make it easier, I can send you a form to initiate Pre-Authorized Debits for monthly donations, or to increase your monthly donation to help offset the increase in our budget. Unfortunately, the PAD is not done on-line, but a quick email to us will get that going. Email us at

We value each of you and hope that this year will bring you many blessings.
Thank you for your prayers for John, George and Caleb in Malawi and Hans and I as we serve from our computers in Canada.
Hans and Elly Timmermans

Year End Greetings

Dear Friends of DCI, Malawi

We want to wish you God’s blessings as you get together with friends and family to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

As always, thank you for your prayers, interest, and support.

And God’s blessings for 2020,
On behalf of the DCI Team

Elly and Hans

DCI Malawi (Discipling Christ-followers Intentionally)

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Ministry Update: October, 2019

Dear friends of Malawi,
How time does fly by. Someone once told me that time is relevant to our age: when we are young, say 10 years old, then a year is one-tenth of our life time, whereas at the ripe old age of 65, one year is one-sixty-fifth of our life time, so it seems to go faster! Makes total sense to me. I guess that’s why it is speeding by – we are not getting any younger. But, God is good to us all the time.
We just came back from a wonderful trip to western Canada. Many thanks to all those who hosted us and helped with the logistics and scheduling of the various presentations. Also, a big thank you to those who came to one of our presentations. We so enjoyed re-connecting with many friends from days gone by. God opened doors to present His work in many places. We were encouraged to notice that the presentation of the work of discipling in Malawi brought questions from listeners of how we can/should be discipling here in Canada. So, lots of opportunities to discuss discipleship further.
We had great times of fellowship and prayer/praise for what God is doing. One of the side benefits of this trip was that we got to visit the various places where we have lived in BC and Saskatchewan as well as visit with our Dynamic Churches friends and others in Alberta. It was a busy time, but very satisfying and fulfilling. We trust that God will use these Malawi presentations to further His Kingdom and to grow His body of believers.
The translation work of the Dynamic Discipling booklet into the Chichewa language has just been completed and we will look forward to printing some of these booklets in the very near future. In the meantime, the Dynamic Basics booklet has almost run out again, and we will need to print more of these also. As the work grows, the demands for discipleship material also grows with it.
Please pray with us because our supply of New Testaments will be depleted soon. ShareWord has promised more for next year (delivery June 2020) for which we are extremely thankful, but what to do in the meantime? Without the Word of God, it is difficult to disciple someone.  Would you consider donating before the end of the year?
I referred to the speed of time earlier; December 31 will be here before we know it, and with it the opportunity for 2019 income tax receipts for donations will be ending. Please consider how you can help the discipleship in Malawi with funds to print material and purchase New Testaments.
Another need that I would like to share with you who pray for the work in Malawi, is that we are considering the work load that our team of 2 indigenous men carry. Our third member has gone on to other work, and so the work load has increased significantly for John and George. We have someone in mind who we would like to bring on board to join the team. We have known this person for a long time. He meets all the requirement, plus some!
We also are going to see a 15-20% increase to our budget for ministry expenses for 2020. In order to keep up the pace, we need additional funding on a monthly basis also. Can we count on you? You can click here if you want to help via Canada Helps or email us. If you have not looked at our Malawi website lately, (, you will be blessed to read some of the stories or reports that John and/or George have sent us. God is in the business of saving the people of Malawi. When God does something, He does it well!
You can email us or call:
Hans: 519-859-9812
Elly: 519-913-3341
Thanks for reading this update and your prayers!
Love in Christ,
Hans & Elly

Western Canada Trip: Sept. 24-Oct. 10

Dear friends,

Elly and I will be travelling to Western Canada to share the work of God in Malawi. We would like to ask you to pray for us as we travel, so the excitement of what God is doing in saving a people in Malawi will cause much praise to His Name.

The schedule looks like this:

  • September 24. Presentation at a prayer meeting in Three Hills.
  • September 25. Presentation in Calgary to friends of DCI
  • September 27-29 Mission weekend in Grindrod

Present DCI on Friday evening
Elly will teach the Spiritual Gifts Saturday morning
Creation Ministries Saturday evening
Hans teaching the Grace Life on Sunday morning

September 30. Presentation for friends in the Kimberley area
October 4. Meet with the DCI Board and present the Malawi work.
October 6. Present the Malawi work at Ormiston Baptist Church in Saskatchewan.
October 7-8. Connect with students at Briercrest Schools, Caronport, SK.
October 10 Fly home from Regina.

Thanks for your prayers for the work of God in Malawi. Below are some amazing stories George Chipeta sent, telling about the impact the Good News has on the lives of the villagers in rural Malawi.

Hans and Elly

An entire village is changed by the Good News!

Samuel village is found at Zikoti under Traditional Authority Mumbelwa. It was founded by Laston Mwandila who has 5 sons who are all married and have grandchildren. The village has grown bigger. Laston has stepped down due to old age and has given the authority to his first born son, Moses, to continue leading people as a village headman. Laston himself is a gentle man and does not drink but his wife was drinking. She was drinking irresponsibly and could not even take good care of her family despite being the wife of the founding village headman. As a result, her sons and daughters in-law were also drunkards and quarrelsome. This village had a bad reputation because it was full of troublesome people who were drunkards, quarrelsome and fighting with each other. There was no peace, love and unity among them despite being related. This village was also well known for its drinking. They did not have peace of mind. Their village headman was not happy with what was happening in his village because most of his people were quarrelling, fighting and he would spend his time settling matters instead of on the development of their area. This made his work so difficult and tough.

After hearing of what God was doing at Chikapu Moyo Village through the one to one discipling and Life Group meetings, they invited people of Chikapu to come and teach them. One of the people from Chikapu who went to train them was Moreen, John’s wife (before they were married). After teaching them, most of them were saved and their lives have been changed. The village headman said that he is so happy and thankful to God for saving him and his people. As a result their lives have been greatly changed; they are no longer quarrelsome and troublesome. They enjoy meeting as a Life Group and they do one to one discipling which is the best tool to reach people in their area. The reputation of the village has changed. It is now a good village where there is peace, love and unity and they are raising cattle together as a family. They also said that the New Testaments and Dynamic Basics booklets are great tools for discipling. People of their neighbouring villages are now admiring them and inviting them to introduce the Life Group to their village as well.

Ellen Mwandila (nee Phiri) she was a drunkard and quarrelsome. She could not take good care of her family because of her drinking. She did not have peace of mind and she wanted to commit suicide, but after hearing the Good News, she gave her life to Christ and she is now changed and has peace of mind. She enjoys her new life in Christ. She participates in the Life Group and she is also discipling others. Her husband is happy about the change and they are now living a happy family life.

Clement Mwandila was a drunkard and troublesome man who was by then known as “Chikweyeye Lupoko Rwambula Kucha” which means “the millet which does not ripen or mature”. He was called this name because he would not listen to people’s advice and people thought that he can never change. However, God is really great and gracious – he has saved him and changed him whom the village headman and people were not able to help. People are happy and excited because of his change. His wife is also saved and they are happily married now because God has changed them all.

Godfrey Mwandila was known by two names: “Chimembe Chadukachaduka” and “Zachazacha”. Chimembe Chadukachaduka means “the big fly has flown – it has flown and it will not land”. This means that when he has gone drinking in the morning he won’t be back till evening, and Zachazacha means that when he has started fighting someone he will not stop until that person surrenders or is defeated. He was also a good fighter and he hurt many people. He was proud of these two names. After hearing the Good News, he was saved and changed. He does not even want to be called by his old names. He is now proud to be part of God’s family. His wife Unice Mwandila is also saved and happy with her husband’s change as well as her own change. She said that before she gave her life to Christ she was spiritually blind but she can now see. She enjoys reading her New Testament and Dynamic Basic Booklet as well as participating the Life Group.

We thank God for changing the story of this village.

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The Results of One to One Discipleship

by John Singinie

We are humbled and happy to share with you some of the results of discipleship in Malawi. We can recall when we first started the ministry, how we envisioned the possible results that could follow if people put into practice the principles we were going to introduce as per our vision.

For the first 2 years, as we introduced the discipleship, it seemed like it would not have much impact since people were set in their old ways of presenting the gospel. Most pastors and leaders believed that success was in mass gatherings – preaching to crowds – or preaching in a big church with lots of church members. It was none of their concern whether people were being discipled or not. All they were looking for was a crowd of people (followers). This approach caused the church to be ineffective; new Christians were not becoming mature believers and were ineffective in their churches as well as in the communities they came from.

For the past number of years the DCI team has been tirelessly going from place to place in the north and some parts of the Central Region of Malawi, training pastors and leaders about the principles of discipleship, the explosive growth process, and one to one discipleship – which is the great commission the Master left us to do as his sent ones. During the early years, we were not convinced that this approach would work, because most pastors didn’t buy into it. It appeared to be the slowest way to go about advancing the Kingdom of God. Malawian culture says that growth is when one has a very big church or fellowship with a lot of people. But time proved otherwise.

One thing that kept us going teaching pastors and leaders the principles of one-to-one discipleship and establishing Life Groups was that this is how the early church worked also, (see Acts 20:20). Paul, the apostle, taught from house to house as well as one on one with his followers. So we continued on, despite the fact that we did not immediately see the desired results. We have been greatly encouraging with the results of the trainings which we have been doing for a number of years. Discipleship is a process; it takes time but the results that follow are explosive.

So far we have seen individuals being discipled to maturity, leaders are being produced, life groups are being established, churches are experiencing both numerical and spiritual growth, and communities are being transformed as the result of bringing the gospel through discipleship. This has also resulted in many churches being planted. Lives have been changed through the ministry of life groups.

Recently we have had some discussions regarding the explosive growth procedures with a number of leaders from different areas we have visited. We have discovered that our Malawian culture is changing. Whereas it was first believed that teaching multitudes (doing crusades) was the measure of success, we now believe that teaching individuals through one to one discipleship is the best way to experience growth. This has become a day to day lifestyle – it’s our new culture.

We thank God that people have finally caught the vision, and we are seeing more and more life groups started in villages all over northern Malawi. Even if the Lord should call us home today this work will carry on, for it has become an individual culture, people are passing it on naturally. We have come to know this through the follow-up programs we are now conducting, as well as through the EXPLOSIVE GROWTH discussions we are having with the leaders who are working in their villages. These leaders have themselves experienced tangible results through the implementation of the principles we taught them.

We have also, at times, run into people in various villages who do not know us, and they immediately try to introduce us to the DCI principles. They don’t know that we are the ones that introduced it in their area through their church leaders or pastors. These are the second, third and fourth generation of believers that have been trained. This is evidence that discipleship has become a way of living here in Malawi. God is at work here, and the whole story has not yet been told. Eternity alone will tell the whole truth.

John Singinie, DCI Team leader, Malawi

August, 2019

Life Change: Four Malawi Women

Dear friends,


Below are four stories of how the DCI Malawi Team has impacted these ladies through the one-on-one discipling being taught. The Good News does make a difference and reading the Word of God is life changing!

We are planning a trip to the West to present the DCI work to our friends there. This is our tentative schedule:

  • Calgary, AB, Sept. 21
  • Three Hills, AB, Sept. 24
  • Grindrod Mission Weekend, Sept. 27-29
  • Marysville, BC, Oct. 1 or 2
  • Briercrest, SK, Oct. 4-5
  • Ormiston, SK, Oct. 6-7
  • Fly home from Regina Oct. 8.

Changes, no doubt will still happen as we are still in the planning stage, but please pray for these meetings as we prepare.


Hans and Elly Timmermans

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Annie Kishombe is one of the women who has been transformed through the Life Group. She said that the Life Group has not only helped her alone but has also helped her family. “I was blind because I did not know the truth, but through DCI, my eyes have been opened. I participate in the Titemwane (Love) Life Group, where I have learnt how to teach.

I now know the truth and I teach my children as well as other people. I am thankful for the Bible which I did not have but I have received it from ShareWord through DCI. I can read it on my own rather than just listen to my pastor and other leaders.”

Mary Kanyenda participates in the Chigomezgo (Hope) Life Group. She worships at the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Before she was saved, she trusted the witchdoctors and their charms. After accepting Christ in her life, she has been changed. She believes in God and encourages people to believe in God rather than witchdoctors and charms. She did not have a Bible but now she has a ShareWord New Testament. She enjoys reading it and learning many things from the word of God.

Masuzgo Simbeye participates in the Chipulikano Life Group. She is a well known business woman. Her mind was focused on business and most of the times, she would not go to church and if she did happen to go she would leave before the service ended, before the offering and the like. After giving her life to Christ her life changed. She is now a new creature. She is reaching other people for Christ and she goes to church now and she has become one of the leaders. She is the secretary of the church as well as a Life Group leader.

Mebie Nkhonde said that she did not have peace when she lost her husband. Unfortunately, the situation became worse when his son, who could help her as a widow, started drinking irresponsibly. After she was saved, her story changed.

She has found the real peace which is found only in Christ. She said and I quoted, “Jesus is now my husband. ” She participates in the Chitemwano (Love) Life Group and she is thankful for the New Testament Bible which she received from ShareWord Global, and is able to read and which encourages her, even if she is alone at her home.

New Testimonial Video

Here is a new testimony of one of our coaches, Raphael Hara. He was transferred to Nkhotakota, a Muslim area and is doing an amazing job reaching these Muslims for the Lord!

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Dessert Celebration – June 7th

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DESSERT celebration

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Ministry Trip Report: Jan.-Feb. 2019

Malawi_2_2019Dear friends,

Elly and I returned from Malawi the second week of February. A mountain of work was waiting and we were suffering from jet lag, more than at other times.

We had a wonderful time at the conference and also during our team meetings with John and George. John taught a session on fasting during those team meetings. I videoed the first part of it and hope to publish it on our website in the future.

I videotaped almost all of the sessions of our conference, 250GB of HDMI to sort through…and subtitle…

During the team meetings we talked about the future of the DCI work in Malawi. The work is growing so quickly it is hard for the Team to keep up. They are sending New Testaments and Discipleship materials in large quantities to the various coaches. For example, there were 21 coaches at the conference. Those 21 had 32 coaches under them and 913 Life Groups. Eight other coaches did not attend the conference, but they also have trained coaches to help with the large numbers of Life Groups. These 21 coaches took 3000 ShareWord New Testaments and an equal amount of discipling materials back to their areas to begin discipling people who have been waiting for these materials.

During 2019 the DCI Team will complete the trainings they have committed to already. After that they will begin doing follow up to make certain that the various lessons taught to the initial leaders are being passed on correctly. They also will encourage Life Groups and leaders the Team has never met before. This will make sure the Gospel will go deep and the discipling will carry on in the future, becoming part of the fabric of these believers.

We heard amazing stories. One pastor in Rhumpi told us he had planted 14 churches using the DCI training. Others have reached a village 40 Km from their home. Still others are travelling across the border into Zambia to train leaders and start Life Groups there.

We were blessed to meet these brothers and sisters again, some go back to 2011 and 2012 when we began the DCI work in a more focused way. God is saving a people in Malawi. We estimate somewhere from 25,000 – 40,000 people are involved in the DCI discipleship, looking intentionally for others to disciple. Churches are being planted by the leaders the DCI Team has trained. The work is growing in ways and directions that the DCI Team could never have envisioned, but the Holy Spirit is guiding His people to where the Good News can take root and flourish.

Charles Ambaka, the Grace Fellowship International Africa director from Kenya, came and taught the exchanged life for three mornings and the teaching was received with joy and even tears.

We praise God for what He is accomplishing through the Good News of Jesus in Northern Malawi. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and in practical ways supporting the work. Watch for new videos and new stories on

Yours in His service,

Hans and Elly