The Results of One to One Discipleship

by John Singinie

We are humbled and happy to share with you some of the results of discipleship in Malawi. We can recall when we first started the ministry, how we envisioned the possible results that could follow if people put into practice the principles we were going to introduce as per our vision.

For the first 2 years, as we introduced the discipleship, it seemed like it would not have much impact since people were set in their old ways of presenting the gospel. Most pastors and leaders believed that success was in mass gatherings – preaching to crowds – or preaching in a big church with lots of church members. It was none of their concern whether people were being discipled or not. All they were looking for was a crowd of people (followers). This approach caused the church to be ineffective; new Christians were not becoming mature believers and were ineffective in their churches as well as in the communities they came from.

For the past number of years the DCI team has been tirelessly going from place to place in the north and some parts of the Central Region of Malawi, training pastors and leaders about the principles of discipleship, the explosive growth process, and one to one discipleship – which is the great commission the Master left us to do as his sent ones. During the early years, we were not convinced that this approach would work, because most pastors didn’t buy into it. It appeared to be the slowest way to go about advancing the Kingdom of God. Malawian culture says that growth is when one has a very big church or fellowship with a lot of people. But time proved otherwise.

One thing that kept us going teaching pastors and leaders the principles of one-to-one discipleship and establishing Life Groups was that this is how the early church worked also, (see Acts 20:20). Paul, the apostle, taught from house to house as well as one on one with his followers. So we continued on, despite the fact that we did not immediately see the desired results. We have been greatly encouraging with the results of the trainings which we have been doing for a number of years. Discipleship is a process; it takes time but the results that follow are explosive.

So far we have seen individuals being discipled to maturity, leaders are being produced, life groups are being established, churches are experiencing both numerical and spiritual growth, and communities are being transformed as the result of bringing the gospel through discipleship. This has also resulted in many churches being planted. Lives have been changed through the ministry of life groups.

Recently we have had some discussions regarding the explosive growth procedures with a number of leaders from different areas we have visited. We have discovered that our Malawian culture is changing. Whereas it was first believed that teaching multitudes (doing crusades) was the measure of success, we now believe that teaching individuals through one to one discipleship is the best way to experience growth. This has become a day to day lifestyle – it’s our new culture.

We thank God that people have finally caught the vision, and we are seeing more and more life groups started in villages all over northern Malawi. Even if the Lord should call us home today this work will carry on, for it has become an individual culture, people are passing it on naturally. We have come to know this through the follow-up programs we are now conducting, as well as through the EXPLOSIVE GROWTH discussions we are having with the leaders who are working in their villages. These leaders have themselves experienced tangible results through the implementation of the principles we taught them.

We have also, at times, run into people in various villages who do not know us, and they immediately try to introduce us to the DCI principles. They don’t know that we are the ones that introduced it in their area through their church leaders or pastors. These are the second, third and fourth generation of believers that have been trained. This is evidence that discipleship has become a way of living here in Malawi. God is at work here, and the whole story has not yet been told. Eternity alone will tell the whole truth.

John Singinie, DCI Team leader, Malawi

August, 2019

Life Change: Four Malawi Women

Dear friends,


Below are four stories of how the DCI Malawi Team has impacted these ladies through the one-on-one discipling being taught. The Good News does make a difference and reading the Word of God is life changing!

We are planning a trip to the West to present the DCI work to our friends there. This is our tentative schedule:

  • Calgary, AB, Sept. 21
  • Three Hills, AB, Sept. 24
  • Grindrod Mission Weekend, Sept. 27-29
  • Marysville, BC, Oct. 1 or 2
  • Briercrest, SK, Oct. 4-5
  • Ormiston, SK, Oct. 6-7
  • Fly home from Regina Oct. 8.

Changes, no doubt will still happen as we are still in the planning stage, but please pray for these meetings as we prepare.


Hans and Elly Timmermans

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Annie Kishombe is one of the women who has been transformed through the Life Group. She said that the Life Group has not only helped her alone but has also helped her family. “I was blind because I did not know the truth, but through DCI, my eyes have been opened. I participate in the Titemwane (Love) Life Group, where I have learnt how to teach.

I now know the truth and I teach my children as well as other people. I am thankful for the Bible which I did not have but I have received it from ShareWord through DCI. I can read it on my own rather than just listen to my pastor and other leaders.”

Mary Kanyenda participates in the Chigomezgo (Hope) Life Group. She worships at the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Before she was saved, she trusted the witchdoctors and their charms. After accepting Christ in her life, she has been changed. She believes in God and encourages people to believe in God rather than witchdoctors and charms. She did not have a Bible but now she has a ShareWord New Testament. She enjoys reading it and learning many things from the word of God.

Masuzgo Simbeye participates in the Chipulikano Life Group. She is a well known business woman. Her mind was focused on business and most of the times, she would not go to church and if she did happen to go she would leave before the service ended, before the offering and the like. After giving her life to Christ her life changed. She is now a new creature. She is reaching other people for Christ and she goes to church now and she has become one of the leaders. She is the secretary of the church as well as a Life Group leader.

Mebie Nkhonde said that she did not have peace when she lost her husband. Unfortunately, the situation became worse when his son, who could help her as a widow, started drinking irresponsibly. After she was saved, her story changed.

She has found the real peace which is found only in Christ. She said and I quoted, “Jesus is now my husband. ” She participates in the Chitemwano (Love) Life Group and she is thankful for the New Testament Bible which she received from ShareWord Global, and is able to read and which encourages her, even if she is alone at her home.

New Testimonial Video

Here is a new testimony of one of our coaches, Raphael Hara. He was transferred to Nkhotakota, a Muslim area and is doing an amazing job reaching these Muslims for the Lord!

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Ministry Trip Report: Jan.-Feb. 2019

Malawi_2_2019Dear friends,

Elly and I returned from Malawi the second week of February. A mountain of work was waiting and we were suffering from jet lag, more than at other times.

We had a wonderful time at the conference and also during our team meetings with John and George. John taught a session on fasting during those team meetings. I videoed the first part of it and hope to publish it on our website in the future.

I videotaped almost all of the sessions of our conference, 250GB of HDMI to sort through…and subtitle…

During the team meetings we talked about the future of the DCI work in Malawi. The work is growing so quickly it is hard for the Team to keep up. They are sending New Testaments and Discipleship materials in large quantities to the various coaches. For example, there were 21 coaches at the conference. Those 21 had 32 coaches under them and 913 Life Groups. Eight other coaches did not attend the conference, but they also have trained coaches to help with the large numbers of Life Groups. These 21 coaches took 3000 ShareWord New Testaments and an equal amount of discipling materials back to their areas to begin discipling people who have been waiting for these materials.

During 2019 the DCI Team will complete the trainings they have committed to already. After that they will begin doing follow up to make certain that the various lessons taught to the initial leaders are being passed on correctly. They also will encourage Life Groups and leaders the Team has never met before. This will make sure the Gospel will go deep and the discipling will carry on in the future, becoming part of the fabric of these believers.

We heard amazing stories. One pastor in Rhumpi told us he had planted 14 churches using the DCI training. Others have reached a village 40 Km from their home. Still others are travelling across the border into Zambia to train leaders and start Life Groups there.

We were blessed to meet these brothers and sisters again, some go back to 2011 and 2012 when we began the DCI work in a more focused way. God is saving a people in Malawi. We estimate somewhere from 25,000 – 40,000 people are involved in the DCI discipleship, looking intentionally for others to disciple. Churches are being planted by the leaders the DCI Team has trained. The work is growing in ways and directions that the DCI Team could never have envisioned, but the Holy Spirit is guiding His people to where the Good News can take root and flourish.

Charles Ambaka, the Grace Fellowship International Africa director from Kenya, came and taught the exchanged life for three mornings and the teaching was received with joy and even tears.

We praise God for what He is accomplishing through the Good News of Jesus in Northern Malawi. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and in practical ways supporting the work. Watch for new videos and new stories on

Yours in His service,

Hans and Elly


Jenda is reaching their world for Jesus!


We left for Jenda Monday morning and we had a safe trip. We arrived at Jenda in good Related imagetime and looked for a place to stay. Jenda was cool because of the rains (it is the rainy season). We were warmly welcomed at Jenda by Pastor Brian Mkandawire (the Coach).  The training started well, we had 7 Leaders in attendance of which two were represented by their wives. The pastors of Jenda are so eager to learn more and they are always a great audience and very free in their participation.  When we ask one of them to teach back the lessons we have taught them they teach it back to us very well. 

Of all the many places we have been Jenda is a good example of leaders who have caught the DCI vision, and are applying it very well. The work in Jenda is growing fast and wide. The leaders in Jenda have spread  the Good News through One-on-One as far as Zambia (Lundazi), Mchinji, which is part of the Central Region of Malawi and Mzimba Boma. They even reached part of Mabulabo, and area where one of our other coaches, Foster Mlenga was, but never went to this area. 

And one of the things we are encouraged by is the fact that in all these places a lot of people have been saved and are being well discipled through the One-on-One discipling booklet. Brian has trained someone at Jenda who later moved to Mzuzu and has started the work there. In Mzuzu there are more than 4 life groups and Mzuzu has its own coach, Tabitha Sakala. (Mzuzu is a big city and now has two independent coaches). 

Brian has a heart for reaching the lost, that’s why the work at Jenda is focussed on lots of out outreach. He told us that he has also been invited to go Embangweni. We (John and George, the DCI Team) have wanted to introduce the DCI work there, but it has never worked out. But God is using pastor Brian to introduce the work there. We encouraged him to go and train those people who have invited him. He was asking us to give him some extra gospel tracts. Also he asked for the Butterfly tracts, which we usually get from the Good Hope Ministry. 

God is using pastor Brian and his fellow pastors at Jenda in amazing ways for His glory. We also find out that the work has gone as far as Mchinji where Chikondi who was trained at Jenda and was sent back to Mchinji and started the work. Now the work in Mchinji is growing and more people are being saved and trained through the One-on-One Basic booklet.

For a very long time we have been trying to introduce the DCI work at Mzimba Boma. Now pastor Ruben Chisi, who is a coach trained by pastor Brian, lives there and we hope the work will now be established in Mzimba Boma. (Pastor Chisi is also one of the leaders we trained at Jenda together with Brian Mkandawire). When pastor Chisi saw how  effective the DCI approach at Jenda was, he decided to go back to his home village to start a Life Group. The Life group was successfully started and has become a church.  

Now the churches in Mzimba are growing, both spiritually and numerically, and more Life Groups have been started from Mzimba even as far away as Manyamula, about 40 kilometres from Mzimba Boma, as well as many other areas. 

Just imagine, from May 2018 to February 2019 already 15 Life Groups are operating. Pastor Chisi also travelled all the way from Mzimba to Jenda to attend the trainings this time. In our discussions we encouraged pastor Chisi to keep up the good work as a coach of Mzimba and make sure the whole of Mzimba is reached.

What this means is that George and I don’t need to go to Mzimba Boma to try and introduce the work there, but rather we will leave it to pastor Chisi to reach the Mzimba region.

In the midst of all the good things we experience at Jenda we also had some difficulties, we had diarrhea and it grew worse. We decided to go to a clinic where we were given some drugs to help with the problem. We experienced not much improvement until we got home on Thursday. 

We really thank God for your prayers because though we were weak we managed to finish the training. We also had a problem with the car, it couldn’t start, the battery was low. We took the battery somewhere to be charged for 3 hours and we thank God the car started. I think the car battery is dying and we need to start thinking of replacing it in the near future to avoid further problems. (John has replaced the battery in the mean time).

Thank you


Coach for Jenda Area is Brian Mkandawire and these four coaches have been trained by him. He has 182 Life Groups divided amongst 5 coaches, including himself:

Coach for Mzuzu is Tabitha Sakala

Coach for Mzimba is James Chisi

Coach for Mchinji is Chikondi

Coach for Zambia is Adson Ngulube

Malawi Trip – Progress Report

Hi everyone,

Elly and I are doing well. We are having very good meetings with our DCI Team planning for the future. The sad news we have to share is that Andrew resigned the team to pursue other interests. We will miss him.

Next week is our conference with about 28 people, coaches of Life Group leaders. We look forward to this conference, we will meet many old friends and some new ones. We will hear awesome testimonies how God is using the Team to spread the Good News through the one on one Discipling.

This photo (right) is Elly in the Good Hope office connecting on the internet with our children. The internet has been almost not existing for us. We value your continued prayers as we enjoy the rainy season here in Africa. In the mean time we will pray for you in Ontario as you enjoy those very cold, unseasonal storms of winter.

Yours in Him,

Hans and Elly

Mission to Malawi, January 15th

Dear friends,
2018 is history and 2019 the new reality. We pray God’s blessings on you and your loved ones as we face changing times and new challenges. We can trust God in dealing with all these, He is faithful!
January 15, 2019 we will be travelling to Malawi for 4 weeks. Our goal is to encourage the DCI Team and prayerfully discern God’s direction in light of the exponential growth we see in the work.
As you may remember, the university allowed a bar to open right by their guest house. the nightly parties kept us awake during our last visit and we had to move to a motel, some distance away from our team’s location.
This time we will be staying in the newly built guest house Good Hope is building. It will be almost finished when we get there, so it will be a mix of comfort and camping. We hope to have our team meetings at the Good Hope Compound as well. We are thankful for these accommodations.
During our last week in Malawi Charles Ambaka, an associate lecturer with Grace Fellowship International from Kenya will join us for a conference. He will be teaching on the Exchanged Life (go to to learn more). Charles will use the mornings. In the afternoon Elly will teach on Firm Foundations, the first 11 chapters of Genesis and Hans will round out the day and teach on Bible Interpretation. Time will also be used for testimonies of the 20+ coaches that have been invited to this conference. We appreciate your prayers for this conference.
Some of you will be wondering what happened to the fund raiser for Bibles for Malawi. Well, we have raised $27,239.00 to buy New Testaments and print discipling materials. We are thankful for your part in this and we trust God for all our needs. Thank you for your prayer and support!

Simeon is no longer a witchdoctor

Simeon told the DCI Team that before he came to Christ, he was a witchdoctor. He even built a temple for his rituals and the evil spirits that controlled him. Crowds of people would gather and sing for him and these spirits, while he would be dancing in this temple. He believed that the spirits of his ancestors would reveal the people’s problems to him and show him solutions. Influenced by evil spirits he would tell people their problems and would give them. Many people came from different places in Malawi and even as far away as Mozambique and Tanzania. They paid him, he earned a living through witchcraft. He believed the spirits of his ancestors helped him do his work. His faith was in charms, he did not believe in God. He would cut people’s bodies with a razorblade, so he could to spread charms in these wounds for healing. He believed he was healing sickness through spells and charms. He even had a uniform which he said he was led by the spirits to buy. When people who has been bewitched by him went to the hospital for help could not be helped by the doctors. They would have to come to him for help.

One day Bishop Dickens Mwakawonja Gondwe came to his house and reached him using the one to one discipleship booklet. Dickens is one of the pastors trained by the DCI Team at Uliwa. He led Simeon to Christ and began discipling him. Now Simeon is a changed man and so is his family. He has realized what he was doing was demonic and was not honouring God. He considers his past practices useless for the sake of Christ. He no longer uses charms nor believes in the ancestal spirits, but he now trusts only in Christ. After he was discipled, he began leading a Life Group and he was chosen as a church elder at his church. He now firmly believes that Jesus is the only Saviour and Healer. Instead of earning a living as a witch doctor, he now farms. They have family devotions each and every evening at his house.

Simeon Nyirenda comes from Manganani Village, Group Village Headman Mung’ombwa,Traditional Authority Wasambo. He is married to Chancy Gondwe and the Lord has blessed them with 7 children, 5 girls and 2 boys.

You may donate to help sponsor the Malawi outreach here.

Eliza Chaola saved from a life of unfaithfulness

Eliza Chaola comes from Village Headman Chaola, Traditional Authority Wasambo, Uliwa. She is married to the village headman Chaola himself and they have 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. They also have 3 grand children. 

Despite being older and married, she was going out with other men and she was sleeping with them. Her reputation was so bad in the area and her marriage was about to come to an end due to her behaviour. 

After she met Jesus and was saved, her life changed and she no longer goes out with other men. She now is faithful to her husband and her family is now happy and intact. She is learning more about the living a Godly life from the Dynamic Basic Booklet and the New Testament Bible. She loves her Life Group. She also is involved one on one discipling others. Her husband and the people in the community are happy with her change.


Christmas Season Greetings – 2018

God’s Greatest Gift came 2000 years ago!

“I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.
Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” Luke 2:10,11

It’s the wonderful time of year when we consider the marvelous blessing we have received when God said, “It is very good” about His creation. He never gave up on his creation. He never gave up on us. Even though Adam sinned, causing us all to be born into sin, God still loved his creation–us who were created in His image. He loved us so much, that He chose to send His only Son to this earth to become our Savior. That’s what Christmas is all about. Praise God for his plan of salvation!

It’s this plan of salvation that gives us purpose in life. It’s this free gift that we have been given that we are commanded to bring to others who do not yet know about Jesus. That’s what DCI in Malawi is all about … bringing the message of God’s love to the people who are living in darkness and in bondage to sin, so they too can become part of the family of God, and then discipling them to become strong Christ-followers.

We thank God that this is His work, not ours. He is bringing in the people in large numbers. The Kingdom of God is being built in Malawi (and even now into Zambia and Tanzania). The harvest is plentiful, and with the process of multiplication, the workers are also multiplying.  I can’t include numbers in this short greeting, but just suffice it to say that we are truly thankful for the hand of God that we see in this work every day.
Many of you are regular monthly donors. We thank God for you! Without you the work could not move forward. Some of you are occasional donors, or donors to a special fund-raiser cause. For this also, we thank you!

If you are not yet a partner with us, please consider it now. Becoming a monthly donor, or sending a single donation at this year-end would be a great help in setting the budget for 2019. We need your help! Please go to to donate.
We also have many stories to tell – please visit (here) to read some of them.

We will be leaving for Malawi in January, to have a conference with some of our trained coaches, among many other things.  We value your prayers for this time there.

Our family continues to grow. We are expecting our second great-grandchild next year! Some of the family will gather to celebrate Christmas together at our youngest daughter’s home in Brantford. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season, wherever you find yourselves, and wish you all the best in the New Year.  May God richly bless you.

With love and greetings,

Hans and Elly Timmermans
DCI | 164 Stonegate Close , Airdrie, AB, Alberta T4B 2V2 Canada