God is saving a village

We were so blessed and encouraged with the testimonies and report we heard at Sangilo in Karonga District. We first trained pastors and leaders from different denominations at Tilora: African International Church, Baptist Church, Assemblies of God Church, Christian Love Church and Holy Word Church. These people came from different villages and when they went back to their various homes they introduced the one to one discipling there.

Mwayi Nyirenda is one of those leaders. After being trained Mwayi went to Sangilo and established the work there through one to one dicipling and started the Life Group, which has also reproduced. God has been saving people through one to one dicipling and changing many lives. When they are saved and discipled they discover who they are in Christ and their life changes. People who are dicipled receive a free ShareWord New Testament and the Dynamic Basics Booklet. Then they in turn diciple other people and give them a ShareWord New Testament and a Dynamic Basics Booklet in turn. They are so thankful for these materials because they allow them to read and study the Word of God for themselves, grow in their faith and disciple others.

Here are two testimonies:

DEVI MKANDAWIRE (Above photo):

IMG_20200220_095438_9Devi Mkandawire comes from Mtowera Nyifwa Village, Traditional Wansambo Authority in Karonga District. He is the leader of an African International Church. He told us that he has been the leader of this church for a number of years even though he was not saved and did not know the truth of the Word of God. He was a blind leader leading the blind.

He said that he discovered the truth about God through the one to one discipling. It changed his life. He also said that through the Life Group bible studies, the ShareWord bibles and the DCI teaching and discipleship materials, he has learnt how to teach the truth of the Word of God in his church .

PRISCILA MKWANDAWIRE (photo on the right):
Priscila Mkandawire is about 14 years old and lives in Deleza Chiwembu Village. IMG_20200220_095520_7Despite her age, she is one of the devoted people in her Life Group. She told us that most people in her village were very troubled. They were drunkards, womanizers, wizards and witches. When Mwayi introduced the DCI work, almost the whole village was saved and a Life Group was started. Peoples lives have been changed through the studies in the Life Group. They now love one another and through the Life Group, people of different churches meet and discuss the Word of God together. They freely talk about their New Life in Christ.

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