Malawi Crisis: A Narrow Escape

Dear praying friends of Malawi,

Today we are writing you to let you know about the great unrest dominating the people in Malawi. Elly spoke with John Singinie (the leader of the DCI team) at length this morning. The following are some of the stories he told her. The present unrest ultimately came about because of rigged national elections last summer. The courts have ruled against the president who illegitimately was sworn in and is trying to hang onto power by force. The High Court has ordered new elections within 150 days. The president is resisting and has appealed to the Supreme Court which said that the High Court ruling stands.

In the Nyaga News, a local paper in Malawi, the vice-president cautioned the army not to obey the president’s orders to shoot to kill demonstrators. But people are dying, mob rule has taken away power from the police. Police stations are being burnt by the angry mobs. The army is attempting to keep the order, but they are not trained to do this. However, they let the people know in no uncertain terms that when an order is given it needs to be obeyed. For example, John reported that one person who wanted to obstruct the progress of an army truck was run over. People are getting the point. When the army shows up the demonstrations stop, and the people disperse.

149 kilometers…

The DCI Team, John, George and Caleb, arrived in Jenda yesterday to meet with some Life Groups and supply the coaches with the needed New Testaments and Discipling materials, as well as encourage everyone in the work of God. They had settled in a lodge (here we would call it a motel) when word came that a crowd was looking for strangers. These strangers were supposed to be Satanists. Any strangers they could find were killed by stoning or pouring gasoline on them and burning them. The Team, being “strangers”, had to leave immediately and left their personal belongings behind; John left his extra clothes and Caleb his shoes; they ran. In the car they chose to take the back roads, because the M1, the main highway, was blocked by these angry mobs.

As they fled, they saw members of the Good Hope team and warned them to also flee Jenda, so they fled the area together. They arrived home safely late at night.

From an audio clip from George (on the DCI Team in Malawi): “So far they’ve burnt one lodge . . . spread gasoline in the homes of people so that when they collapse they can suck their blood . . . they are attacking people, so we are running away.”

From John & others on the team: (John): “going back home . . . (people are) attacking those who are driving . . . taking a back road . . . left his whole bag . . . Caleb has left his shoes, left a number of things in their rooms . . . (George): “Just pray for us as we are travelling back to Mzuzu. We believe God is with us and we need your prayers. . . . (?): “They’ve also destroyed a police station in Jenda.”

Please pray:

  • For the people of Malawi to have patience as the courts try to enforce the law and remove the illegitimate president.
  • For a peaceful solution to the problems caused by these rigged elections. New elections are postponed because of COVID19.
  • For the army, wisdom and restraint as they try to maintain peace.
  • For the DCI Team as they seek to serve God and spread the Good News by training and encouraging Christ-followers.
  • For safety on the road.
  • For wisdom where to go and when to leave.
  • For the many disciples of Christ, new believers, to live out their new-found faith in the face of this unrest.
  • For many to come to faith in Christ as they see all this unrest around them.

Thank you for your prayers!

For the DCI Team,

Hans and Elly

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