We had a safe trip to Nkhotakota, we left on Monday. It took us four hours of driving because of the bad road conditions. We were also challenged because the car horn died again. The last time the car horn died we were going to Nkhotakota also, maybe the enemy has seen the damage we are causing to Nkhotakota through the preaching of the Gospel. In Nkhotakota we saw very few people putting on their masks. When asked for the reason, we found out that they too were told by the police to always put on the masks in public, and also close the market places at 5pm. Three weeks ago the police were too brutal with the people and people grew angry and began to protest against them. The police was throwing teargas on people, and one time 3 people fainted. This led to riots and people destroyed police officer’s homes and offices. They then told the police that they should no longer come close to people or punish anyone who has not put on their mask.

We started the training at Sani where we had 7 leaders attending the training, most of which belong to Anglican Church. We also had pastors from the Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, the Interior Mission Church, the Last Church and the Kalibu kwa Yesu. We had both coaches attending, Pastor John Liwewe and John Mwafulirwa. We had good time teaching the Dynamic Discipling for the first time. Pastors and leaders were happy to finally get their hands on the book. They have been looking forward to it for a very long time. (The Dynamic Discipling book, with 9 lessons, has been printed recently in the Chichewa language.) Sani is witnessing a great transformation through the gospel that is be preached throughout the area. We were encouraged to learn that some of the people that have been converted from Islam are now been baptized in water openly bearing testimony that they are changed. Lots of Muslims that gave their lives to Christ in private are now openly joining churches and are no longer attending the mosque.

Since the last time we went to Nkhotakota four Life Group have become new Churches through the people like Chikondi, Iblamu, Monica Losani, Christopher Useni, Frank Mwenda and Mrs. Lolence. These are among those that have openly professed their new faith in Christ. God is really working mightily in these areas, we heard about a few that have accepted Christ and are still going to the mosque (pretending to still belong to Islam). Christians belonging to different Life Groups are becoming bold in reaching out to the Muslims communities/Villages teaching them one-on-one, like Cathleen Jamala who took advantage of the funeral of the sheik (the leader). She approached two ladies and agreed to meet with them. She taught them the Word and they accepted Christ. She said one-to-one has given them a good and effective way of reaching Muslim communities without facing much resistance. The Last Church pastor has also become a believer through the one to one discipleship. (Last Church isa church serving the devil). Let’s keep praying for them that the Lord will continue to give them boldness to be witness of the gospel.


From Sani we went to Linga where we had about 10 leaders. Five were the old leaders we trained during our first visit. Five new leaders have joined now but are already being trained by their fellow pastors. These five new pastors have replaced the old pastors that have been transferred to other places. Only one was trained by us at Ezondweni (about 400 KM North) and she was a leader at Jolowale and now she has been transferred to Nkhotakota. She reported this to us and we put her in touch with the coach for Linga so that she can be part of them too. Following her move to Nkhotakota she has begun training people in her church.

We also heard some good testimonies from these pastors resulting from the lesson they were taught during the last trip, like the Offering to God lesson. (A lesson on giving). These pastors are telling us that they have a different approach now when it comes to giving. Now they are in the forefront practicing giving. We hope this is a good indication that it is possible that in the future people will be able to give towards the purchasing the bibles (of course we never mention it to them) because if they understand these principles it will be natural for them to support those in need of the Bibles. At this time, they have started practicing the principles by meeting the needs of other believers by providing things like clothes and food. As already mentioned, we introduced the Dynamic Discipling booklet as well. We also taught on the need for the pastors to be committed to prayer as we see that the days are evil. At Linga more Muslims are coming out openly for the Christian faith but many are still underground followers of Christ.

Thank you


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