Testimony of Mr. Kachara

Mr. Kachara, a 76 years old.grandfather is a dedicated member of the Roman Catholic Church. His house is next door to the Devine Revival Church of pastor Daniel Banda at Nkhotakota Linga, where we usually meet for the DCI trainings. His wife and children left him because of divorce, so he lives alone

He is very hospitable and always welcomes us with joy at his house. This time he started telling George and I about his dedication to GOD and to the Catholic Church. Every year he buys a liturgical calendar for MK1000. He said, “This is the key to the Bible. This liturgical calendar connects me with GOD because it has 52 ceremony scriptures covering 52 weeks in a year and has every protocol of the Catholic Church for every member to follow.” When we met him he was reading on “50 days prayer and fasting” getting ready for the Easter cerebration. He said the fasting ends at Good Friday.

I asked him to tell us his story of his salvation. He went around all the protocols of his Church and later on he said he does not know if he is saved or not.

This gave us an opportunity and I started one-to-one through the Dynamic Basics lessons with him and he received JESUS CHRIST. Interesting enough, the next day we met him again and he was so excited. He told us, ” For the first time in 76 years, yesterday I received salvation and I feel the peace of GOD in my heart “.

Hearing this from his mouth, we really saw the joy of the Holy Spirit in him. He said that he used to womanize and have sex outside his marriage and do many more evil things, but now he has repented all of these things.

We were filled with joy to see how GOD used us this time to save this man’s soul even as John was training the pastors next door. I referred him to pastor Daniel Banda to continue the one-to-one discipleship with him.

I pray that he may keep growing in the faith and may the LORD keep him secure in His safe hands. Amen !

Thank you!!


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