Vehicle Fund Goal Reached!

Kamphero leaders in one of the churches, getting ready for the training session.

April 3, 2021

t is our extreme pleasure to let you know that the goal for a 4×4 for the Malawi team has been reached!  $45,000.  Hallelujah, Praise God!  We are so thankful to each of you who have contributed to this project! Without a doubt you are partners with us in this amazing work of discipleship and leadership training; seeing so many come to Christ. 

Now the next prayer request in this regard is that God will direct us to the vehicle that he has in mind for us.  It’s not easy, and not necessarily a task that we are good at, so we are trusting God.  John, our team leader in Malawi, is reaching out to Pastor Steven, who has some experience in buying and selling cars.  He will also help to sell the Nissan that we currently have. 
The team is in Kamphero; finding an open door to follow up and encourage the leaders that have been trained there.  Please pray that the coaches and leaders all over northern Malawi will have the zeal, energy, and good health to keep up the good work to which they have been called.  

Please pray also for Caleb who is taking driving lessons.  We need a back-up driver for those times that John is not able to drive.   

In our next letter we will be telling you more about the opportunity to sponsor 2 of George and Glory’s children, Pemphero and Orini, who will be entering high school this year.  We have personally been sponsoring their 4 children through primary school, but now want to extend that privilege to others as 2 of them graduate to high school.  Many children in Malawi do not have the privilege of education beyond primary school because of cost.  We would like to see the children of our Team members get the education they deserve.  Please be thinking about this.  It is not part of our budget.

With grateful hearts,
Hans and Elly Timmermans

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