April, 2021 Report


During the Easter week we planned to visit Kampando, and when the program was confirmed, we started preparing for the training. At the very last minute, we received a call from pastor Mwangulu informing us that they will be having the Easter conference where several churches will be coming together for Easter. This made them busy receiving visitors and pastors from far places coming to Kampando to attend the conference. This caused some inconveniences to us since the trip to Kampando had been confirmed. Immediately after getting this information, George started to arrange for us to visit some other places so that our week can still be well used. He managed to communicate with leaders from Chimbongonda, Jolowale and, of course, we had been invited to join the conference at Kamphenda Easter which we already agreed to attend….

On Friday we travelled to Kamphenda where we were invited to attend and teach the “Offering to God” (Giving) lesson to all the pastors, Leaders and believers that came from different church branches. It was a time of refreshing even for us, since in Mzuzu we could not have the Easter conference due to the government restrictions on the large gatherings. We also had the opportunity to hear how the work of God is growing around Kamphenda. The work is growing beyond our imaginations. Lots of leaders are being developed.


Read the full report here:

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