Update about Truck Purchase & More

Dear friends,

We are discovering that buying a used vehicle in Malawi is not as simple as going to a used car dealer, as we do here. First, not many good vehicles are available in Malawi, so they have to come from South Africa or elsewhere. Second, they are very expensive. The taxes are not helping this effort. As you can see from the diagram, by the time you import a car the price has effectively doubled. But we don’t dispair. God is greater than all this. He will bring the right truck to the Team in His time. So far John is looking for a 2014 Toyota Hilux Raider that will fit the available funds.

Thanks for your prayers!

Hans and Elly

Help with the work of God through the DCI Team can be sent by e-transfer: dcioffice@shaw.ca or through Canada Helps.

Of course, old fashioned cheques can be mailed to: Dynamic Churches International, (tag Malawi) 164 Stonegate Close, Airdrie, Alberta T4B 2V2.

Below are two messages from Caleb. They illustrate the impact the Gospel makes in people’s lives as they learn about God’s love and respond in faith to the Good News and are born again.

May 8, 2021 from Caleb.

Hi Hans and Elly,

This week has been another exciting week. I have followed up on a man I introduced to one to one discipling sometime back in the Sonda area, almost 10 kilometres from my house. His name is MATHEWS ZIMBA.This man has a wife, her name is MERCENT and they have four children, two of them are young twins. They are both part-time workers, they survive by day today by doing piece work. This makes MATHEWS carry a big work load all day every day to feed and care for his family.

It was exciting to see that this man still has the zeal to do door to door evangelism. He went and introduced one to one at Lusangazi and followed up on them until a church was established.

Also he has found five people at Kaviware whom he wants to start doing one to one with them. So him and I scheduled to meet these five people tomorrow afternoon to introduce them to the one to one discipleship lessons.

He also have plans to go to the villages at Chipapa beyond Malivenji, which is outside Mzuzu town, to reach them with the gospel of Christ.

May we include him in our prayers as we pray for the work of GOD here in Malawi.

Another thing i have been taking driving lessons every morning.

May 16, 2021 from Caleb

Greetings in Jesus name,

I am glad to report that this week I started discipling NIFA YOTAMU. This is the one I introduced to you last week. I have started doing lesson one of the Dynamic Basics with him. I pray the Holy Spirit, who changes the lives of people, will continue talking to him and reveal more about the only one and true GOD, the maker of heaven and earth, and make him begin realizing that Mphambe (his idol god) is not god, as the scriptures reveal more truth to him.

I also went, by motor cycle, to KAVIWARE to follow up on mr Thomson Luwe. This is the one I started discipling some time back . He is a village Chief. He is working as a watchman at an agricultural premise. So sometimes he is not home when I come, because of his work. But he is working hard, studying the scriptures. Soon I will be introducing the Dynamic Discipling course to him, and GOD will continue transforming him and his family. He has three children.

On a Personal Note from Hans

Elly and I are glad to introduce our third great grandson Ishmael Christopher Timmermans to you. He was born to Andrew and Kaitlyn on May 7th, 2021. God is blessing us greatly! Mom and son and family are doing well.

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